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How to play Monster Hunter: World offline | Digital Trends Spanish

Monster Hunter: World it is a game that is most enjoyed when played with friends. Working as a team to defeat a giant is a unique experience and the reason why Monster Hunter is one of the most popular sagas of all time. Despite this, many users enjoy it alone, discovering its secrets and eliminating enemies at their own pace. In addition, there is the possibility of playing offline, thus avoiding all the headaches that often accompany online games. If you belong to any of these categories, you will be happy to know that you can play Monster Hunter: World offline.

How to play Monster Hunter: World offline

Yes OK Monster Hunter: World do not alert us to it, it is possible to experience all the fun of monster hunting without connecting to the internet. It is clear that the game is committed to online action; Just take a quick look at their menu, where they show up tons of multiplayer options. However, it is not a prerequisite to join in on the fun.

The two ways to enjoy solo action are as follows:

Disconnect from the internet

Whether disconnecting the Ethernet cable or disconnecting from the Wi-Fi network, the important thing is that you deactivate your internet connection. As you go through the usual steps to find an online game, the game will detect that you are offline and create an offline game for you. You may notice some features are missing, but this is the easiest (and only) way to have a truly offline experience.

Create a private session

This method is not for offline play per se, but it has the same effect, as no one else will be able to join your game. To create a private session, follow the usual steps for logging in online until you find a menu asking if you want to create a private session. Select Yes and voila, no one else will be able to join your game.

Technically, this is not playing offline, but it is an easy way to play alone without having to disconnect from the internet.

Monster Hunter: World, difficulty scale

If you are worried that Monster Hunter: World It becomes more difficult when played alone, you don’t have to, as Capcom includes a function with which it is possible to reduce the enemy’s health bars to adapt to the size of the group. That means that a solo player has the same chance of defeating Zorah Magdaros as a group.
Playing in a group has its advantages: bonus damage, the ability to lure monsters away from you, healing, and more, but playing offline is still a perfectly viable alternative.

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