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How to prevent your cell phone from recording everything you speak | Digital Trends Spanish

Have you ever wondered if your phone records everything you speak in front of your cell phone? If you use Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri or Google Assistant, applications that are controlled by voice commands, then it is likely that your cell phone has saved every word you have said.

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The good news is that you can disable audio recordings on these platforms to fix that problem. Here we tell you how to modify the settings in each of these virtual assistants and prevent everything you speak from being recorded, in addition to giving you the tools to eliminate personal audio data that has already been recorded on your cell phone.

google assistant

If you’re not comfortable with your Android phone always listening to your conversations when you use the “Hey, Google” command, first head over to the Settings and select Google.

then go to Settings for Google apps > Search, Assistant and Voice > google assistant. There, select Hey Google and Voice Match and turn off the switch hey google under header This device.

On the same screen, touch the three points located in the upper right corner and go to Google activity controls. The next section shows the Web and app activity on top.

Everything Google records about you appears there, from where you’ve been on the web to the applications you’ve installed with the Play Store. You can disable this entirely with the button Deactivatebut the device will stop recording everything in all Google apps, not just Google Assistant.

To specifically stop Google Assistant voice recordings, uncheck the box Include audio recordings. From the same screen, you can view and delete existing Google Assistant data saves by tapping its icon. You can also tell Google to delete all this data (including Assistant data) after a certain amount of time has passed, with the button Choose an automatic removal option.

The same options to pause, review, and delete this data collection are available on iOS and on the app. Web. In case you use the mentioned operating system, open the application google assistant on your iPhone, tap your profile picture (top right corner) and select Manage your information and personal preferences.

Then you can touch the three dots (top right) and my activity to access the screen Web and app activity mentioned above.

iPhone Siri

An iPhone with the Siri logo on top and next to it the phrase that says: "Hey Siri".

If you don’t want your iPhone to hear what you speak when you give the “Hey, Siri” command, you can open the Settingto touch Siri and Search and turn off the switch Hear “Hey Siri”.

On the other hand, if you want to completely disable Siri on iPhone, turn off the Siri switch. Press the side button for Siri and also that of Allow Siri when locked.

Alternatively, you can keep Siri enabled, but ensure that as little information as possible is retained after your voice command has been heard and executed.

Choose Siri and Search on the Setting and play Siri and Dictation History. Here you can choose Delete Siri and Dictation History to remove all traces of your Siri history from Apple’s servers.

The data you are deleting is randomized and disengaged from your Apple ID, but they come from your iPhone, even if they are no longer associated with it. Apple says that most of this data is discarded after six months, although some of it is kept on record for a longer period to improve Siri, anonymously.

You should also consider the options Improve Siri and dictation on Privacy and Analysis and improvements on the Setting of iOS. If these are turned off, the history you deleted in the previous step will never have been collected in the first place, so nothing is sent to Apple for review to improve Siri, not even data that has been randomized and anonymized since you put down your phone.

Amazon Alexa

Alexa isn’t as tightly integrated into phones as the Google Assistant and Siri, but it can keep recordings of your voice commands if you allow it, with the goal of “improving the accuracy of your interactions with Alexa” rather than anything sinister. , according to the company. If you’re not happy with this, you can disable it through the Alexa app for Android or iOS.

From the front screen of the app, go to Plus > Setting > Alexa Privacy. If you then select Check voice history, you can see the records Alexa has saved of your voice commands and delete them individually or in batches. If there are only some sensitive recordings you want to delete, please do as follows.

On the screen Alexa Privacyyou can also choose Manage your Alexa data, and this is where you can stop the recordings in the first place. touch Choose how long to save recordings and then select Do not save recordings (which will also delete any existing clips on Amazon’s servers). You can also choose to delete the recordings after 3 months or after 18 months.

After entering Manage your Alexa datafurther down the same screen you will find a switch marked as Use of voice recordings. Turn it off if you don’t want Amazon to manually review any of your voice recordings to “ensure Alexa works well for everyone” (in Amazon’s words).

After this, you will be warned that “speech recognition and new features may not work well for you” without this kind of training, but that may be a risk you are willing to take.

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