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How to put the strawberries on the terrace to have strawberries all summer

Sinking your teeth into a juicy strawberry, freshly picked, is a pleasure like few others. And, to enjoy it, we can save ourselves the trip to the supermarket: eating strawberries from our terrace is as simple as getting a plant, placing it in the sun, and waiting for summer to arrive so that it brings out those delicious sweet fruits, which look like jelly beans. A tasty reward for a little effort. Very little.

How to plant strawberries in a pot – for free! (or almost)

The easiest way to eat our own strawberries is to get small plants, which we can buy from reliable nurseries or, even better and cheaper: ask someone close to us who already has strawberries at home.

Strawberry plants are generous: once they settle into their pot, they put out numerous creeping stems, which trail along the ground (technically called stolons); and that serve to propagate or multiply our strawberry plants very easily.

In contact with the ground, these stems create roots; and each piece of stem, if we cut it and separate it from the mother plant, we will be able to transform it into a new strawberry plant next year.

So, even if we make a small investment now, and spend a few euros on one or two decent strawberry plants, in return, next year we will have quite a few more strawberry plants. And more free fruit!

Do you want to eat a lot of strawberries from your terrace? look for the sun

Strawberries like the sun. Therefore, the first step is to make sure you choose a sunny spot on the balcony, rooftop or terrace. With our little strawberry plant in hand, we only need a pot or a shallow container, with drainage holes, so that excess water can drain out and the plant does not get waterlogged.

We fill the pot with good quality organic gardening soil or compost, make a hole, place our strawberry plant inside. And that’s it! a precaution: make sure not to bury the crown of the strawberry plant, that is, the part where the stems meet the roots.

If this area is buried, when watering it, there are many possibilities that the plant will end up rotting. That is why you have to make sure that this crown sticks out of the pot. But without exaggerating: if we put the strawberry plant, without more, on the ground, the roots will dry. Roots do like, and need, contact with the soil.

Ideas to place strawberries on the terrace, balcony or roof terrace

The strawberry is a magnificent plant to have in all kinds of containers: it is worth a pot, a longer planter and we can even place them in grow bags. there is even specific pots for strawberries, in terracotta, tall but with several holes, designed to place several plants. And hopefully it will end up completely surrounded by pretty dangling strawberries!

Another great container to place strawberry plants on a balcony or terrace are the hanging baskets: and, every time we go out on the terrace this summer, we can pick a strawberry and enjoy its sweet taste.

Or, even cheaper: we can reuse plastic bottles to make hanging planters, or create an edible vertical garden. If we hang the bottles from a wall of the terrace, at different heights, we will be able to hang a good handful of strawberry plants, no matter how little space is. And in this way, they will all get the sun they love so much to grow up happily!

And if we have enough space or large planters, we can place more plants in the same container, as long as we respect a basic rule: leave about 40 centimeters of separation between them.

How to eat strawberries from our terrace, for months!

Our strawberry plant needs to eat, and it will give us more strawberries if it has enough quality soil, better organic and without peat: about four liters per plant. In addition, the strawberries that we plant will be more tasty if they have enough water or humidity.

For this reason, to enjoy the sweet explosion that we are looking for, it is keep the soil moist, but not waterlogged. It’s more; if they lack water, the plants will drop their flowers: pure vegetable domestic economy. And we will be left without eating the strawberries that we crave so much!

By last: when to pick these delicious fruits. Once the strawberries are red all over, let’s wait another day before sinking our teeth into them; This is how we maximize its flavor! Yes indeed; once collected, let’s try to eat them as soon as possible, so they don’t spoil.

And a little more: homemade strawberries taste delicious just as they are, fresh, juicy and freshly picked. Or with ice cream or cream. And, if we don’t have enough, and our plants give us more strawberries than expected, we can always make a delicious jam. Or freeze them, and enjoy all that summer flavor even during the cold months!

Three models of strawberry pots for our urban terrace

Pot of Pottery M. Zabala

Outdoor and indoor rustic clay strawberry pot 35 x 35 cm, with hole for planting. Made of clay from Puente del Arzobispo and fired at 1035ΒΊC, which gives it special hardness and resistance; it does not deteriorate or turn white over time.

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Francacor strawberry pot

Clay strawberry basket arranged vertically on three levels. As it is not varnished, it can be painted to taste.

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Ulikey 2Pcs Strawberry Grow Bags

Grow bag which is made of high quality eco-friendly and durable non-woven material, in breathable fabric and with good drainage function. In addition, this planter bag has a handle design that allows it to be hung outdoors or on a balcony, which protects it from over-watering and reduces all fungal and insect diseases.

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