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How to record your own alarm on Google Clock | Digital Trends Spanish

The Google Clock application has had several updates that have given it from a new look to functions that motivate you to use it frequently. For now, let’s address how to record your own alarm in this app available only for Android.

According to the information displayed by Google Play, mobile development has more than 1,000 million downloads. Likewise, it is installed in a large number of cell phones with the Android operating system, especially those that include a “clean” version of it.

Record your own alarm on Google Clock

Luis Miguel Paredes/Digital Trends in Spanish

A clarification: the method that can be done from any Android that is not a Pixel will be explained, since the recording process in the latter is different, more direct. In any case, the same end is reached.

The first thing you should do is record the audio that you will set as an alarm. Fortunately, various mobiles include a default recorder app. If not, you’ll need to download one from the Google app store.

It is almost a given that the audio resulting from your recording will be saved in the internal storage of the cell phone, from where Clock will take it.

Once this app is open and you locate yourself in the section of Alarm, click on the button that allows you to create one. Select the time you want it to ring and click Accept.

When it appears on the interface, choose it to pop up an option window. Focus your attention on the icon of the Tinker Bell moving. Surely, it has the default audio: Cesium. If you press it, the other sound alternatives for your alarm are displayed.

To add yours, click on the option that says add new. The recording you generated with the other app should appear. If not, check the tab This week. Once it is displayed, click on the file.

Immediately, the audio will be selected as your default sound. If you are satisfied, return to the options window and activate your alarm so that it activates at the time you previously set.

Other modalities

Luis Miguel Paredes/Digital Trends in Spanish

Google Clock has added other options to set as an alarm sound, from YouTube Music to Spotify, through Calm. Now let’s review how to put your favorite music from the Swedish service to wake up.

Once your alarm is set and you are in its options window, you must click on the bell icon. At the top, the representations of the mentioned music services will be displayed (previously, you had to log in). Click on the Spotify one.

Options such as your playlists, podcast shows, music you’ve recently listened to, playlists made for you, etc. are displayed. Choose the one you want to set as wake up audio.

What follows is to return to the options window and check that the alternative of your choice has been set as the alarm. The process is almost the same with Youtube music and Calm.

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