Friday, October 7

How to regain investor confidence

The Eurozone PMI data gave investors a break yesterday, being better than analysts expected.

Today we have again publication of figures that, if they are positive again, will help the market regain some of the lost confidence.

In Germany it is published the Ifo business confidence index. The forecasts, as happened with the PMIs, are not good, because it is expected to be at 96.6 points, below the 97.7 in October.

Here it is not very clear that there will be a positive surprise, given the strong increase in infections this month in Germany.

In the United States, the Michigan consumer confidence data will be released. A slight improvement is expected from 66.8 to 66.9.

Upward revision of US GDP

Where an upward revision is also expected is in the US GDP for the third quarter. The initial figure left the market cold with growth at 2 percent. But in this first revision it is anticipated that it will rise to 2.2 percent.

These are some of the informative arguments of today. He will also pay attention to the publication of the Fed’s minutes corresponding to its meeting on November 3.

Investors want details on how the meeting that decided to reduce the stimuli put in place with the pandemic went.

They also want to know if there was debate about the risk that worries the markets, inflation, and what is the position that the members of the Fed maintained.

Every day the pressure grows for the Fed to raise rates