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How to reserve the Nintendo Switch OLED | Digital Trends Spanish

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The Nintendo Switch OLED will be the newest member of the family of portable hybrid consoles. As its name suggests, it has an OLED screen that gives it a series of additional functions. As a result of the success of the Nintendo Switch, a console that continues to report good sales, this OLED model is expected to be in high demand, even if its specifications and features are not what consumers expected.

If you’ve tried buying a PS5 or Xbox Series X you’re probably familiar with how difficult it can be to get the latest in consoles. The reason is that more and more people are playing video games, something that, accompanied by the current shortage of processors, makes it difficult for manufacturers to meet demand.

All that said, chances are you’re considering buying the new OLED Nintendo Switch, and this new device will be hard to come by on launch day (especially if you plan on going to a store to buy one). For this reason, in this guide we are going to see what are the best methods to reserve the new Nintendo console.

Where to reserve the Nintendo Switch OLED

The Nintendo Switch OLED will be released on October 8, 2021 at a cost of $ 350.

The first thing to note is that the console is not yet available for pre-order in the United States, although some retailers already have pages ready to buy the device and will soon be accepting pre-orders. Of course, at the moment you cannot pay in them. It’s unclear when pre-orders will open, but below are the links to the different retailers.

In white

In blue and red

In white

In blue and red

As you can see, only Best Buy and GameStop have pages available to purchase the new device. Despite this, it is expected that other retailers such as Target, Amazon or Walmart among others will allow pre-orders soon.

Tips to secure your pre-order

Some retailers like Best Buy will let you know when the item is available for preorder. You can choose to receive email notifications from the system’s pre-order page, which we highly recommend as it will increase your chances of getting the product.

Another tip is to follow @ Wario64 on Twitter. This user tweets links to the newest games and systems, many of which are for sale. While you won’t get any discounts this way, it’s a great way to get a plan B in case the sale at your chosen retailer runs out.

(preorders not live yet) Nintendo Switch OLED listing up on GameStop ($ 349.99)
neon red / blue #ad

& mdash; Wario64 (@ Wario64) July 6, 2021

We recommend turning on Wario64 tweet notifications so you don’t get left behind with pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch OLED.

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