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How to save your COVID-19 vaccination certificate on iPhone | Digital Trends Spanish

Did you know that with your iPhone you can download and store a verifiable digital copy of the history of your screening and vaccination results? If you have not tried it yet, we will tell you how to save your COVID-19 vaccination certificate on your iPhone.

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Since iOS 15, Apple also allows you to create cards using the information available in the vaccination certificates, which makes it easy to find it on your phone and display it when necessary.

How to save a COVID-19 vaccination certificate on iPhone

There are three alternatives to add COVID-19 detection tests or vaccination certificates to your medical record in the Health app and to your iPhone Wallet, depending on the health agency or private health provider.

Option 1: with a download file

You can download a verifiable medical history from the COVID-19 testing provider to add to the Health app or from vaccination to add it to Health and Wallet.

  • Press the download link on your iPhone or iPod touch.
  • Choose Add to Health to add it to the history in the Health app.
  • If it is an anti-COVID-19 vaccine and you use iOS 15, you can press Add to Wallet and Health.
  • Press okay to end.

Option 2: with a QR code

A second alternative is to scan a QR code provided by the agency or health service where you took a detection test or where you received the vaccination against COVID-19, to add it to the Health app. To achieve this, follow these steps:

  • Open the Camera app on your iPhone or iPod touch.
  • Select the rear camera and point the viewfinder at the QR code.
  • When the camera recognizes the QR code, it should display a notification of the app
  • Click on the notification of the app
  • Choose Add to Health to add it to the history in the Health app.
  • If it is an anti-COVID-19 vaccine and you use iOS 15, you can press Add to Wallet and Health.
  • Press okay to end.

Option 3: with an iPhone compatible medical record

A third option is healthcare providers that issue COVID-19 vaccination certificates compatible with iPhone medical records, although this tool is only available in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

You just have to open the app Health, connect with your healthcare provider and the available verifiable medical records will be downloaded automatically.

In this link, you can find the full list of health entities that issue verifiable medical records through iPhone.

How to see the COVID-19 vaccination card

Once you add your vaccination card in the Wallet app, you can view and display it at any time. The front of the card shows your name, the type of vaccine, the dates of the doses administered, the issuer and the QR code.

The complete details of the vaccination card will not be visible until you have authenticated with Face ID, Touch ID or password.

If you did not add it in Wallet, you can view your certificate through the Health app at any time. You just have to follow the following steps to complete the process, which is valid for any verifiable medical history:

  • Open the Health app and press To explore.
  • Press Vaccinations or laboratory results.
  • Choose the clinical history you want to view.

The verifiable medical history of the Health app contains information such as name and surname, date of birth, the vaccine administered or the test performed, as well as the associated QR code.

Is it possible to share your COVID-19 vaccination certificate?

While the vaccination card cannot be shared with other iPhone, iPod touch, or Apple Watch users, your device allows you to share any verifiable medical history with apps from third parties (such as restaurants or event producers).

Since they are in a verifiable format, if you choose to share them, the apps Third parties will be able to confirm that the certificate was issued by a real laboratory or vaccination test provider and that the document has not been altered.

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