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How to schedule the sending of an email by Outlook | Digital Trends Spanish

The possibility of sending an email with a scheduled date is an alternative offered by Microsoft Outlook. The above, which may be unnecessary, is useful if we want to avoid sending a lot of messages immediately, so sometimes it is convenient to do it in a partial way.

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Among the advantages when scheduling a shipment, we have the option of choosing a special time and date, so we will detail step by step what you must do so that an email is sent on the day we want. , both in Outlook on Windows, Mac and via the web.

How to Schedule an Outlook Email on Windows

To carry out this procedure, we only have to follow a few steps, which we invite you to review below.

Step 1: we must open Outlook in Windows and click on “New email” or reply to an existing message.

Step 2: compose the email, add a recipient and put the subject of the message, as usual.

Step 3: the key moment, since we must go to the options tab and then go to the three points to select «Delay delivery».

Step 4: There, you can choose from “Send responses to”, as well as give the option of being able to send messages no earlier than a certain time, as well as their expiration date, or save a copy of the sent message.

Step 5: then, we must send our mail, which we can check if it was programmed in the “Outbox”.

Schedule an email in Outlook on Mac

As in Windows, we can also carry out the same procedure through the Apple operating system.

Step 1: open Outlook on Mac and click “New Email” or “New Message” according to the OS version. Also, we can reply to a message with this feature.

Step 2: we must write the email, add the recipient and then add the subject line, as is usually done.

Step 3: Unlike Windows, here we must click on the arrow to the right of the “Send” button, and then select the “Send later” option.

Step 4: There, we have to choose the date and time that we prefer our email to be sent, and then click on “Send”.

Step 5: In case we want to review the schedule or we regret sending it, we have to select the “Drafts” folder.

Schedule an email from Outlook on the web

As in the previous processes, we can also schedule an email through the web.

Step 1: we must visit Outlook on the weblog in and then choose “New message” in the upper left corner, or reply to an existing email.

Step 2: we have to compose an email, add the recipient and add the “Subject” line, as usual.

Step 3: At the time of programming, we must click on the arrow to the right of the “Send” button in the lower area and then select “Send later”.

Step 4: we have to select a suggested date that the application gives us, or otherwise select the “Custom time” alternative, in order to enter the one we want.

Step 5: Finally, we have to click on the “Send” option.

Step 6: As in the previous cases, to review a scheduled email, in case we want to edit it or delete it or cancel the delivery, we have to check the “Drafts” folder.

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