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How to sell a second hand iPhone | Digital Trends Spanish

We will explain here how to sell a second-hand iPhone so that, in case you want to buy the newest model or change brands, you can get the best possible price for your old cell phone.

iPhones are quality products: take advantage and get the most out of your used equipment.

How to sell a used iPhone:

If you have one of the newer iPhone models, like the iPhone 11, and you want to upgrade, you could lose a lot of money. This is because newer devices, like cars, tend to depreciate steeply in their first year or two.

In the past, selling an iPhone that was about to disappear with the latest version of iOS was a big concern. However, for the moment Apple has put a pause on this and has confirmed that iOS 14 will continue to support iPhone 6S and later, just like iOS 13 did.

Completely clean your iPhone

First, don’t just put your phone in a box and ship it. That would be a bad thing. You need to erase all data and return the iPhone to its factory state before you start selling it. Sure, Apple’s security is high, but you don’t want your precious data falling into the wrong hands. To reset your iPhone, follow this path: Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

Sell ​​it through Craigslist, eBay, etc.

craigslist, eBay and other classifieds that can be posted on the internet, are a good way to sell your phone and have control over the price of your device. If you’re willing to deal with the amount of spam, fraud, and weird emails, you’ll be able to access a lot of people who want to buy your old iPhone, no matter what condition it’s in.

Unlike other sites on the internet, Craigslist and eBay will allow you to determine how much your iPhone is worth. It is the fastest and most lucrative way to sell your iPhone in a specific local area. Prices on Craigslist fluctuate based on weather and availability, but many people are willing to pay your asking price to avoid having to pay shipping and wait.

You might also consider a place called swappa. It is free to post your ad. You must take verified photos and each ad is approved by employees of the website. The cost is added to the price and you must include shipping costs. Once you accept an offer, you must ship the phone within two days.

Sell ​​it in stores and get credit

If you’re willing to accept store credit instead of getting cash, there are several places that will offer you money cards instead of handing you cash. You usually have to go through a device appraisal process and later, they will make you a purchase offer as payment for a new iPhone or other devices.

Online stores like Amazon and Apple offer programs to pay for part of your new cell phone with an old one through their website. Other stores like Walmart, GameStop, Verizon, and Best Buy offer credit for you to buy other products. Keep in mind that the amount of money you will be offered will depend on the condition and age of your device, as well as when and where you return it.

Sell ​​it to a company

There are other companies on the internet that are willing to pay you money for your old cell phone in case you are not convinced by the previous options. Most of these companies work in the same way and ask you to enter the necessary information (such as the operator, memory and the condition of the cell phone) before receiving any type of offer.

If you accept it, you can print the shipping label with the address of the company. All you have to do is send it and you will receive the payment through PayPal a week later. This is the list of services that require less work:

Other alternatives

You can save some time by using tools like Flipsy or SellCell, which allow you to see offers and thus find out the best one quickly. The problem is that it does not cover absolutely all Internet pages. Another similar website is Flipsy.

The Orchard app can be installed on your iPhone and allows you to offer your phone. The good thing is that it does some tests on your iPhone and tells you how it does the appraisal process so that there is less chance that the amount offered will change once the cell phone arrives. This service offers free shipping, but will only pay you once a buyer has been found. This is an app that only works for iPhone, which means that you will find someone who is truly interested in your phone.

How much is your old iPhone worth?

We find some of the highest prices on eBay and these can be even higher than the prices we post, but auctions fluctuate so prices can drop too. There are some decent prices on the exchanges offered by Amazon, but the credit applies to on-site sales only. These are cash offers, unless otherwise stated.

The eBay prices we present here are averages based on data collected by Average Finder. Keep in mind that you will have to add commissions and shipping and packaging costs.

iPhone 12 128GB used at AT&T in good condition

Andrew Martonik/Digital Trends
  • Best Buy: $500 (gift card)
  • eBay: $450 (on average)
  • UpTrade: $400
  • Apple: N/A
  • Decluttr: $400
  • uSell: N/A
  • Glyde: $375
  • Gazelles: $315
  • BuybackBoss: $300
  • Amazon N/A

Used iPhone 11 128GB on Verizon in good condition

Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends
  • Best Buy: $250 (gift card)
  • eBay: $400 (on average)
  • UpTrade: $300
  • Decluttr: $311
  • uSell: $240
  • Glyde: $396
  • Gazelles: $210
  • BuybackBoss: $315
  • Amazon $270 (gift card)

Used iPhone X 64GB for AT&T in good condition

  • Best Buy: $180 (gift card)
  • eBay: $200 (on average)
  • UpTrade: $185
  • Apple: Up to $205
  • Decluttr: $205
  • uSell: $190
  • Glyde: $135
  • gazelle: $95
  • BuybackBoss: $210
  • Amazon Trade-In: $160

Final Tip: Sell Early

The older your iPhone gets, the less it will be worth. Part of that is just supply and demand economics, but the quality of the device and the compatibility of your app will also go down. We all know that people rush to trade in their old iPhones as soon as Apple releases a new one; since the iPhone 12 came out, for example, iPhone 11 trade-in prices have fallen considerably. Look for websites that lock in your price but give you a 30-day window to ship the iPhone.

However, if supply is tight, prices can go up as well, so it’s worth keeping track of prices for a short period and comparing all of your puts to see how you can get the most money for the best deal. right decision.

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