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How to send sound emojis on Facebook Messenger | Digital Trends Spanish

Soundmojis. This is how Facebook decided to baptize emojis with embedded audio, an evolution of the traditional figures that are already an integral part of our digital communication on social networks. But what exactly are they and how do they work? Next we will tell you what they are and how to send sound emojis in Messenger.

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What are sound emojis

These are all the audio emojis available on Facebook Messenger.

Strictly speaking, an emoji is a character that is displayed as a colored icon. Each figure responds to a unique code that is regulated by the Unicode consortium. Being coded, most devices are able to process and represent them (although each with its own style).

Since it is a character, emojis cannot include audio … So what exactly are emojis? soundmojis of Facebook Messenger? The giant of social networks is about “short sound clips”, which seek to represent how the emojis that we know in a traditional way could be heard.

Initially, Facebook has incorporated 23 sound emojis in Messenger, among which the following stand out:

  • Applause
  • Kiss
  • Drumroll
  • Surprise
  • Force
  • Crickets
  • Evil laugh

Some of the sound emojis are also accompanied by shorts from artists like Rebecca Black (Friday) Cardie B (Macarroni in the Pot), or from television series like Brooklyn nine-nine Y Bridgerton.

How to send sound emojis on Facebook Messenger

The process for sending sound messages does not differ much from what you surely know for traditional emojis. Anyway, if you want to surprise any of your contacts in Messenger with a sound emoji, these are the steps you should follow:

  • Open the Messenger application on your mobile device.
  • Select the contact you want to send the sound emoji to.
  • Press the button emojis, identified by the smiley face inside the message board.
  • Mark the sound emoji button, identified by a speaker.
  • Select the sound emoji and it will start playing automatically.
  • If you like it, press the button Send.

One aspect that you should consider is that the tool is only available for the mobile versions of Messenger, so you will not be able to send or listen to the sound emojis from a computer. However, you will see a notification that will tell you that you received a sound emoji and will even tell you what it is.

Although in 2020, the direct messaging services of Instagram and Facebook were integrated into Messenger, which allows exchanging messages between users of both social networks, at the moment the sound emojis are not compatible with Instagram users either. In this way, if you want to send a sound message to a contact, it must necessarily be your contact on Facebook.

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