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How to share the Wi-Fi password from your iOS device | Digital Trends Spanish

If a person visits your home, whether due to a social, work, family or technical matter, it is possible that they need to connect to your network, and you can help them without needing to retrieve your passwords, since there is an alternative to share wifi password from an iOS device to make it easily accessible.

How can you make everyone’s life easier and at the same time maintain your privacy, if you want to share your home password with guests? The function of wifi sharingwhich debuted in 2017 with iOS 11, allows you to connect any visitor to your home using an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or even your Mac running macOS High Sierra or later, without the need to reveal your password or force your guests to type it in. .

So if you want to maintain your privacy, without being rude to your guests, here we show you how you can do it in simple steps.

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You must first prepare your phone, making sure that your personal hotspot is turned off and that the Apple ID of the person you want to share your Wi-Fi password with is already in your contact list. The two devices must be located close to each other. Also, both computers must have the latest version of the iOS or iPadOS operating system installed. Make sure your device sharing the password is unlocked and connected to your Wi-Fi network.

  • Make sure you have your guest in your Contacts, using your Apple ID email address. If they are not, add it now via Contacts> Add> Enter data> Done.
  • Activate Bluetooth for both your iPhone and your guest’s iOS device via Settings > Bluetooth (turn on the switch).
  • Place both devices close to each other to allow your guest to access your Wi-Fi network by tapping Settings> Wifi> The name of your wifi network.
  • When your guest taps on your network name, a password box will appear on their phone. When the card appears on your iPhone, tap share password. The connection is made automatically on your guest’s device.
  • When the connection is complete, you will receive a notification on your iPhone. Tap Done.

By successfully sharing your Wi-Fi password, you’ll spare your guests the stress of manually entering a complex string of letters, numbers, and symbols. With people you know and trust, this is a sure way to make them feel welcome in your home or office.

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