Monday, June 5

How to stop buying bottled water and everything you will earn

The water consumption It is part of everyday life in most homes. It is drunk, used for cooking, used for personal hygiene, for cleaning the home and for many other everyday things. Still, the hardness of tap water and some elements it contains means that many people do not consume it. aquaflix, offers the first subscription-based purified water service that improves its quality and consumption experience, with an unprecedented solution in every way.

Aquaflix, which born in 2020, offers its users the possibility purify tap water through reverse osmosis. Aquaflix technology employs a semi-permeable membrane that filters particles, molecules, ions and sediments from the water to leave it purified and free of impurities, odors and tastes. All this makes the tap water obtain a optimal quality for consumption as if it were bottled water, but without plastic.

The particularity of the Aquaflix service is its model. The company offers a monthly subscription, like the one used by streaming music or series platforms, which for €19.90 includes free installation of the system, maintenance, unlimited water and no condition of permanence. The company installs its osmosis machine, at no cost to the user, and a smart faucet that allows you to know the quality of the water. If any type of maintenance is needed, they solve it and if the user decides to unsubscribe, they only have to notify it 48 hours before.

Thanks to the innovative subscription water service offered by Aquaflix, the company Soluciones Técnicas Agua (STA) already provides service to more than 20,000 homes. What benefits does subscription water provide?

the healthiest water

With the reverse osmosis treatment offered by Aquaflix, a low mineralization water and of great quality, just as the experts recommend. This type of water provides benefits for the renal system and for health problems such as hypertension, constipation and other problems of the digestive system.

Reduction of plastic consumption and sustainability

Sustainability is increasingly present in homes and one of the most harmful elements related to the consumption of bottled water is the generation of plastics. In 2019, for example, 6,300 million liters of water were bottled in Spain, according to data from the sector. If each bottle is 1.5 liters, in total 4.2 billion bottles of water were consumed. Plastics are a real problem for the environment and, especially, for the oceans that receive much of the waste generated.

But this is not the only environmental advantage of osmosis water. With osmosis systems like Aquaflix too CO2 emissions linked to the transport and distribution of bottled water are reduced. “Our cities cannot take any more heavy traffic. Why do it if we have pipes to carry the water? It is the most comfortable and also the most efficient & rdquor ;, they assure from the company.

Turn on the tap and forget to buy water

Who hasn’t come home dying of thirst and had to go down to the supermarket for water? With Aquaflix the problem is solved. Firstly, water will always be available from the tap at home and, secondly, it is also a savings in the cost of time and effort What does it mean to go to the supermarket and carry an 8-litre bottle or a 9-litre pack of water.

Aquaflix: purified water available to everyone

The aquaflix subscription system offers unlimited consumption and the price of the service is accessible to all pockets. For less than 20 euros and saving the cost of buying bottled water, the company offers a complete service with the maximum guarantees.