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How To Stream Steam Games To Other Devices | Digital Trends Spanish

Do you use Steam to play your favorite titles? Then you also have access to Remote Play, the feature that allows you to stream the game to other devices over the internet, be it another computer, a phone, a tablet or a TV. The great thing about this is that you can continue playing in another room in your house or in another part of the world, although in that case it depends on the speed of the internet). Do you want to know how to stream your Steam games to any device with Remote Play? Here we teach you.

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First of all, you need to have the Steam client installed and configured on your main PC to play, and make sure you have all the games you want to play downloaded. This will be the computer that will broadcast, so it must be turned on at all times and connected to a good internet connection. In fact, Steam recommends a wired internet connection for a stable connection and better speeds.

From Steam on this host, go to the tab that says Steamlater Parameters and finally Remote Play. You must have the box checked Activate Remote Play.

Further down the dialog, you can give your main PC a recognizable name and configure various options via Advanced Host Settings. You can choose, for example, whether or not audio should be played on the main (host) computer during gameplay, and how hardware encoding is handled.

How to stream your Steam games to another PC

Streaming a game to another computer, an old one running Windows, for example, or a Mac, is as simple as installing the Steam client again and logging in with the same username and password. Your two computers will automatically connect and be ready to go, assuming you’ve enabled the Remote Play feature in settings as mentioned above.

On the second computer, that is, the one that is receiving the transmission, you can go to the tab Steam > Setting > Remote Playand then enter the Advanced client settings to adjust transmission. In that section, it is possible to limit the bandwidth used or the resolution in which the game is displayed.

Also, you will have three different modes for streaming: fast, balanced Y Gooddepending on whether you want to prioritize graphics quality or frame rates.

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Note that you don’t need to install any of your games on the second computer, that’s the point of streaming them to another device. On this PC, the button play will be replaced by one that will say To transmit, and Steam will confirm that you’re not actually playing something locally. The first time you connect, you’ll need to enter a PIN on the host computer to verify the link.

Pay attention to the dialog that appears when the connection is made for the first time, as it will tell you which key to press to bring up the Remote Play overlay, which will present various input and quality settings (this key is usually esc on a keyboard and button Back in a command). During gameplay, you can press these keys to access options.

How to stream your Steam games to mobile, tablet or TV

In the case of streaming games to mobile devices, tablets, or a TV, Remote Play works a little differently, dealing with different screen sizes and different input devices.

On the other hand, to get the best results, it is better that you have a suitable controller connected. Touchscreen controls are available for some games and on some devices, but you may find them cumbersome.

To stream to a TV or mobile devices you need to download the Steam Link app, available on the app store and in google play. This does not require a login, it simply looks for available Steam installations on the same local network. Once a connection to your main computer has been established, you should be able to use it again, whether you’re still connected to your home Wi-Fi or not, assuming you have a strong enough internet connection.

The Steam Link app is available for macOS too, in case you want a more lightweight alternative to the main Steam client. But currently, Steam Link for macOS doesn’t work outside of a local network (the macOS version was added some time after the Android and iPhone apps came out). If you want to use it, you must stay on the same Wi-Fi network as your main PC.

When you connect via Steam Link, the Steam client switches to the simplified Big Picture mode on your main computer, making it easier to browse your library and launch games, especially if you’re using a smaller screen like a phone . And, as we mentioned, you can navigate Steam with touch controls or a connected controller, not just by tapping the screen.

Once your game is running, Steam Link streaming will work much like streaming through the standard Steam client. You can see the Remote Play settings by selecting the gear icon at the top of the Steam main page in Big Picture mode, and there you can choose from the same display options as in the normal client: fast, balanced Y Good.

If everything works as it should, now all you have to do is launch the Steam client or Steam Link app on another device to connect to your main Steam installation. That’s it.

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