Saturday, December 4

How to survive the Good End?

Although the department stores are already full of Christmas items, the start of purchases is usually associated with the offers of the so-called “Good End”. This program started in 2011 trying to copy the Black Friday of the United States; However, the version in Mexico is not characterized by large discounts, but rather by granting longer payment terms.

After 10 years of its first edition, there are actions that allow us to make better decisions for those days. Here I share ideas about it:

1.- Before shopping, review the viability of your finances and answer some key questions such as: Can you face your daily commitments? Is the savings in the desired amount? How in debt are you? Do you have visible problems in your income?

2.- Avoid “hunting” for offers and choose your objective, determining which acquisitions are relevant to seek a discount.

3.- Remember that “buying cheap” is not the definition of savings. It is a way of justifying the expense, because that money you stop reserving to form an equity or as a safeguard for contingencies.

4.- Avoid being deceived and check if the discount is real and not the result of a relabeling. In fact, it is convenient to plan the purchase and days before researching prices of what you want to know if there is an advantage in the acquisition.

5.- As the most frequent promotion is interest-free months, the cost of financing can be hidden in the price, so it is important to check the same product in several establishments.

6.- Analyze if you have the ability to pay for the monthly payments, because, even when you do not have interest, you have to pay it on time and it can undermine your cash flow.

7.- Today it is possible to use online marketing in many ways, such as comparing prices of the competition and taking advantage of the promotions that are presented in that sales channel.

8.- In these periods, the emotional component of decisions rises and leads to spending more than you should, so I recommend you not to buy in the first days to think carefully about what you do.

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