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It doesn’t matter what brand, model or operating system your phone is. Nor if you want it to message, order food or view your favorite social networks. What is a fact is that sooner or later you will want to take screenshots; It is undoubtedly the most useful trick you can do on any device that has a screen. In this guide we explain how to take a screenshot on samsung phone; for our example we include the Galaxy S21 and Note 20 Ultra, although other models follow very similar procedures.

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How to take a screenshot on a Samsung phone

slide the screen

You can take a screenshot by sliding the side of your hand in any direction. This method doesn’t apply to all Samsung phones, but it should work for flagship models like the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Enable hand swipe feature

Step 1: swipe the screen from top to bottom and touch the gear icon. This opens the device settings.

Step 2: touch Advanced Features.

Step 3: touch movements and gestures.

Step 4: play the switch next to settings Palm Swipe to Capture to enable this feature.

take the screenshot

With Palm Swipe to Capture enabled, you can now capture with a simple swipe. It may take a few tries, but practice makes perfect.

Step 1: position your hand vertically to the left or right of the screen, as if you were going to practice karate with your cell phone.

Step 2: move your hand from left to right or right to left over the screen, like a scanner.

You should feel a vibration, see a capture animation that lights up the screen, or get a notification that an image has been saved to the gallery.

Use the button shortcut (Home button)

Not everyone is a fan of gesture controls. Fortunately, most Android phones offer a more touch-based method of taking a screenshot.

Step 1: press the buttons Switched on and Beginning at the same time.

Step 2: keep holding them for a second until you hear the sound of the camera, or until you see some visual indication that the capture was taken.

Use the button shortcut (without the Home button)

If you have a Galaxy S21, Galaxy S20 or GalaxyNote 20which don’t have a physical home button, the key combination is a bit different:

Step 1: hold down the buttons Switched on Y volume down at the same time until you hear a click and the screen turns off and on.

Step 2: to find the capture, open the app Gallery or Photos on your phone. in the app Gallery from Samsung, you can find the folder Screenshots after touching tab albums on the bottom.

How to take a screenshot with your S Pen

This technique is available on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and other Samsung devices with S Pen.

Step 1: remove the S Pen stylus and tap the menu icon Air Command.

Step 2: touch Write on the screen to take the screenshot.

Step 3: modify the screen as needed. You can write notes, you can change the color and size of your pen

Step 4: when you’re done, play Share or Keep on the bottom.

Use the scroll function to capture the screen

These instructions apply to web pages that are larger than your screen.

Step 1: hold down the buttons Switched on Y volume down at the same time.

Step 2: touch the icon Arrow down (Scroll Capture) displayed in the Smart Capture menu.

Step 3: the icon will bounce up and down. Tap the Icon to start taking the screenshot.

Step 4: keep tapping the icon until you reach the end or have captured everything you need.

Step 5: add tags if needed and then tap Keep.

Step 6: to save the screenshot, tap outside of Smart Capture.

use your voice

You can capture a screen using Bixby Voice or Google Assistant by saying “OK Google, take a screenshot” or “Hey Bixby, take a screenshot.” You can also attach commands like “Hey Google, take a screenshot and share on Facebook”, or “Hey Bixby, take a screenshot and share on Twitter”.

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