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How to take advantage of old tires to make a pouf or a nice table

If we want to add outdoor furniture to the terrace or a nice pouf in the living room, and without spending the money that all this new furniture costs, we have an ally: the old tire. It is not a small thing: in Spain 40.5 million passenger car covers are generated each year; and, according to organization data Ecoembesalmost half of all those tires are abandoned in landfills.

In them they are sometimes burned, which means the emission into the atmosphere of very toxic gases. Or they cause fires as spectacular, polluting and costly as the one that devastated the largest tire cemetery in Spain in SeseƱa (Toledo) in May 2016.

When things are done well, the law says that when car or motorcycle tires are changed in a workshop, they are sent to a specialized center for recycling. And the same should be done if they are replaced at home. EITHER we can give them other uses: companies reuse them to make playgrounds, artificial grass and even to add to asphalt and create new kilometers of roads.

Here we are not going to go that far, but we do collect easy and beautiful ideas to reuse tires at home, and save a lot of money on furniture for the living room or terrace!

1. Make yourself a jute seat or pouf with a tire!

To make us a free jute rope pouf from a tire old we only need the tire, thick rope, a piece of wood to place on top and glue: the task will be easier if we use a glue gun. The first step to build this valued cylindrical seat without a back is to place the wood or plank on the lying wheel. And to give it a cleaner and more consistent finish, we can use a circular shaped wood with the same dimensions as the tire.

We can get circular wood in a simple way: you just have to get a piece of plywood and use a handsaw or, better yet, a jigsaw to get the desired shape. And before continuing, it is convenient to screw the wood to the tire. Now we have a seat and a stable structure for our pouf!

Now we have to surround everything with rope: we start at the top, through the wood: it is about creating a spiral of rope from the center that, as we add turns, grows until it covers all the wood. So that everything stays in place, you have to use a little glue or glue before each turn.

Once we have what will be the seat of the jute pouf, we begin to wrap the rope around the tire, with successive turns from top to bottom, and use the glue again to keep everything in place. Clever! And we can give it a more curious finish if we varnish our pouf with a wood finish paint or varnish, in the tone that we like the most.

This type of pouf new round between 40 and 60 euros. So, if you like the look, it’s well worth giving an old tire a second chance and wrapping it up with rope. And we can create various low seats for the terrace!

2. Make yourself a rope table: with an old tire!

Using the same technique, we can make a low side table for the living room or terrace. And even put some wooden legs to lift our table off the floor. The legs can be bought cheaply at any DIY store. Or, even cheaper, reuse some that we have at home and are not going to use, for example, from an old sofa if we have saved them.

For add the legs to the tire and form the table we do the same thing that we have counted for the seat above: first we screw a circular plank to the base, which will also serve as a support to screw the legs in place. Ready the table! The result It is spectacular. Or with two tires! If instead of a low table, we want a slightly higher tableit is enough to overlap two tires or three (if we still want to give it more height) and cover everything with rope and with the help of our glue.

3. Furry footrest from old tires

And not only with ropes: we can follow the same method to build ourselves different poufs or low chairs with legs but with other materials. For example, white or other color furry rugs, with long threads, an undeniable trend in the Nordic style that is so popular now! In addition to seats, with a tire lined with a long-haired textile, we have a footrest great for the armchair we love so much.

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