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How to train and what to eat to have the body of Thor | Digital Trends Spanish

How to have the body of Thor? Or how about Lara Croft? As strange as it seems, these searches exist in Googleso it is not surprising that there are pages on the internet that recommend the exercise routines necessary to achieve the body of these fictional characters, of which, by the way, we have already seen studies that indicate how disproportionate those bodies are.

But anyway, if what you want is to have the body of Thor, you will need, in addition to a lot of perseverance and discipline, to know what exercises you must do, as well as the diet required to achieve it. Well, that’s exactly what Ebuyer, the UK’s largest independent e-retailer, has to offer. a special page with diet and exercise routines necessary to obtain the bodies of characters like Lara Croft, Thor, Mario (in case you want to be paunchy) or Luke Skywalker.

Super Mario

Though the live-action Super Mario movie is set to arrive in December 2022, the pot-bellied plumber’s short stature isn’t your typical Hollywood fitness image. He’s not ripped and he doesn’t have any definition, but he’s stocky and well, we know he jumps very skillfully.

The truth is that Mario’s diet and routine resembles that of a rugby player. Heavy, but physically fit, and fully capable of sudden bursts of speed, the combination of weights and cardio would help Mario gain the strength needed to jump inside all the tubes.

Sure, Mario would have to cut back on heavy breakfasts in favor of something healthier. Although, given his proclivity for mushrooms, this means that he can eat a wide variety of food options by substituting meat for an alternative “meat” product created with mushrooms.

Lara Croft

We think they are referring to the Lara of contemporary games, because the one from the PSX era is frankly an impossible body. And since Lara spends her time avoiding portal traps, she has to be both strong and flexible. That means building an admirable amount of muscle without gaining much bulk.

That’s why Lara’s routine is based entirely on calisthenics, bodyweight training that works large muscle groups simultaneously without the additional use of weights and exercise machines. This allows him to strengthen all the muscles in her body and maintain a light frame so she can swing from ledge to ledge and squeeze into tight gaps.

When it comes to diet, Lara has plenty of options. With her large amount of wealth, she can afford the best foods from all corners of the world, so she will have no problem eating while complementing her exercise plan.


Watch Thor Ragnarok to see The Avengers in order

The body of a god is not achieved without a miracle, so if you want it, you are going to have to make radical changes in your exercise and diet regimen. For starters, you’re going to have to get into CrossFit, which is all about high-intensity cardio and weight movements of constant variety that work the entire body. Combine this with a diet designed to burn as much fat as possible and with time, consistency and discipline, you’re going to be Thor.

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