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How to use GoToMeeting in your video conferences | Digital Trends Spanish

In the style of Zoom, the GoToMeeting service allows users and companies to conduct video conferences and meetings with ease. Are you just getting familiar with the platform? In this guide we explain how it works GoToMeeting, with all the basic information you need to start using it.

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Sign up for GoToMeeting

Choose a free trial or paid plan

You will need to sign up for GoToMeeting “only if you want” to organize meetings through the service. You don’t need an account if you are only participating in one meeting (that is, if you were invited by someone else to a conference).

Unlike Zoom, there is no free version, so you will have to choose between using a free 14-day trial, or subscribing to a paid plan.

If you opt for the free trial version, you should know that you can register without having to provide your credit card information.

The two main payment plans that GoToMeeting offers are Professional Y Business. Paid monthly, a Professional plan will cost you $ 14 per organizer, per month, and covers up to 150 participants. For a Business plan you will pay $ 19 dollars per organizer, per month, and covers up to 250 participants.

If you require more than these two options, have a plan Enterprise. To learn more about this plan, you will need to contact a sales representative and obtain a specific price depending on your needs and those of your company. You can sign up for a plan paid here.

Sign up for a free trial and install the app

Step 1: navigate to GoToMeeting website and click the button Proof free to subscribe to a free trial.

Step 2– On the next page, fill out a short form to set up your GoToMeeting trial account.

Step 3: completed the form, click the button Sign up at the bottom of the page to submit your information and create your trial account.

Step 4– Once your account is created, you will be automatically logged into the GoToMeeting Hub page, which is where you can set up a meeting, or join one.

GoToMeeting Hub

To host or attend a meeting, you will need to install the GoToMeeting app. Activate the application installation process by clicking the installation link provided on the Hub page.

The link should be located at the bottom of the page, under the heading that says, “New to GoToMeeting? Get the app now and get ready to start your first meeting.

How to set up a meeting in GoToMeeting

You can set up a meeting through your Hub web page or the desktop app. The following instructions are for setting up a meeting through the GoToMeeting Hub page.

Set up a meeting through your Hub

Option to configure meeting via Hub

Step 1: log in on your GoToMeeting Hub page.

Step 2– Once you are logged in, click the blue button Create meeting, on the left side of the screen.

Step 3: then you will be taken to a screen of New meeting, where you will fill in the details of your meeting, including the title, date, time and duration.

Step 4: if you click on the tab Audio From the New Meeting screen, you can configure the audio and call options.

Step 5: by clicking on the tab Personalize, you can configure certain functions, such as creating a custom meeting link or changing the theme of your meeting.

Step 6: by clicking on the tab More, you can add co-organizers to your meeting or protect it with a password.

Step 7– Once you’ve finished setting your preferences, click the blue button Keep. Your new meeting should appear on your main Hub page.

Set up a meeting through the GoToMeeting desktop app

Configuration to schedule meeting with App

Open the application and select the option Meet now or Schedule meeting. Clicking Meet Now will automatically create a meeting for you; Schedule Meeting will activate onscreen prompts to help you schedule a meeting in advance, just follow the onscreen prompts to do so.

How to send invitations to your meeting

Option to send meeting invitations

Once you’ve scheduled a meeting, your next meeting details will appear on the right side of your Hub.

In this section, you can click the button Copy invitation to copy your meeting details, including a meeting link, a phone number, access codes, and an application install link to your clipboard.

You can then paste that information into an instant message, Slack or otherwise, to future attendees, or in an email.

Remember: your attendees are not required to register for GoToMeeting, but will need to install the app using the installation link or dial using the phone number, both provided in the invitation.

How to join a meeting

If you received an invitation to attend a meeting, you can join in two ways: through video call in the GoToMeeting app, or by cell phone by dialing a number. Your invitation should provide you with all the information you will need for each option.

Join by video call

You will need to download and install the GoToMeeting app first, and you can do this by clicking the install link provided in your invitation and then following the on-screen instructions to install the app.

Also, you can join a meeting without the app, using the web application instead, but it is recommended that you use Google Chrome to do so.

If you do it this way, you will need to enter the meeting ID number provided in the invitation.

You will then click on the meeting link (provided in the invitation), or copy and paste the URL into your browser. Alternatively, you can open the app and type the nine-digit meeting identification number (provided in the invitation), in the white text box, and then click Join.

You can also join via tablet or smartphone by downloading and using the GoToMeeting mobile app to ios or Android. Open the app and enter the meeting ID number to join.

Join by phone

Join meeting by phone

Your invitation should also offer a phone number for you to call, if you prefer to join the meeting through a phone call.

The easiest way to join a meeting through a phone call is to use the GoToMeeting web app in Google Chrome.

Step 1: open google chrome and navigate to Web Application GoToMeeting.

Step 2: enter ID number of the meeting in the text box and press the colored arrow button orange and white to send it. On the next screen, click the button Ok I am ready.

Step 3: Touch the icon Settings in the upper right corner. Go to Audio> Phone call. In this section, you will be provided with a phone number to call, an access code and an audio PIN.

Step 4: use your phone to call the phone number provided in the section Audio from the web application settings. When prompted in the phone call, enter passcode and PIN audio.

Step 5– You will be allowed to join the meeting once it has started. At that time, your phone call will be automatically connected.

How to share your screen on GoToMeeting

If you are organizing a meeting and you want to share your screen with your participants, here we show you how to do it through the desktop application.

Step 1: open the app or web page that you want to share with your participants.

Step 2: in the window Meeting from the GoToMeeting desktop app, move the mouse on bottom of screen until a series of icons appears, select the option Screen.

Share screen

Step 3: in the next step you will have two options: Screen Y Applications. The first option allows you to share the most active or recently used screen on your desktop. The second option allows you to choose a screen of all the applications that you currently have open.

Either way, select the screen you want to share and then click the orange button Share. Finishing sharing your screen, click on the Green Screen icon on the right side of the screen to stop sharing.

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