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How to use Teleparty: watch the best series and movies with your friends | Digital Trends Spanish

We all love a movie night with your family or friends – popping popcorn, snuggling up on a couch, and starting to laugh, yell, or get excited. Although it is an experience that allows you to create bonds like no other, sometimes you cannot be with your loved ones. Fortunately, Teleparty – formerly called Netflix Party – allows you to have a movie night even if you are apart. Here we are going to tell you how to use Teleparty.

Teleparty was a Google Chrome browser extension that allowed a group of friends to simultaneously stream Netflix content and chat at the same time. Today, it also works with Disney Plus, Hulu, and HBO (not HBO Max). So if you want to catch up with Stranger things before the new season starts on Netflix or watch a marathon of WandaVision or from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier On Disney Plus with your friends, you can do it virtually.

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How to use Teleparty

Everyone you plan to “meet” with (including yourself, of course) must log into their account. Netflix, Disney +, Hulu, or HBO separately. When you choose a movie or show to watch, Teleparty it will synchronize the playback so that everyone sees the same thing simultaneously, each with their profile.

On one side of the screen, Teleparty has a chat function. With this feature, everyone can talk and react in real time to what they see. It is not known how many people can join a single Teleparty, but it is certainly enough to make a virtual party.

Here we explain how to organize or join a Teleparty.

To organize a Teleparty:

  • Download the extension Teleparty from Chrome (yes, it’s only available on Chrome).
  • Open your service streaming preferred and plays a video.
  • The extension icon Teleparty next to the address bar it will change from gray to red. Click there.
  • A pop-up window will give you the option to Create a Teleparty.
  • Click on Start the Teleparty.
  • Another pop-up window will appear with a link. Click on Copy url and share it with your friends by text message or email. (If you need this link again, you can access it by clicking on the Teleparty extension icon).

To join an existing Teleparty:

  • Download the Chrome extension Teleparty.
  • Click on the link your friend sent you.
  • Click on the icon Teleparty.

Now you are ready to organize or join a virtual party to watch movies or series with Teleparty.

If you want to see and hear your friends through webcams while watching, you can install Scener, another extension. With Scener, Teleparty supports video and audio chats between your group during your session.

The group platform will not automatically end the session at the end of a chapter, so you can watch a marathon all night if you want. Today you have the opportunity to watch and enjoy your favorite series and movies with your family or friends.

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