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How to watch the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and MLS in the United States | Digital Trends Spanish

It has been a long time since sports competitions in the United States ceased to be something that only interested those who were born in this territory.

In recent times, the Latin public that lives in the North American nation has also been interested in the most popular sports, therefore, it is always useful to know which channels or streaming platforms broadcast these competitions.


Game pass

This may be the most complete way to access the NFL, especially for the most fanatical because it offers exclusive access to live games and specialized programs.

This service also allows you to view game summaries and classic content from the competition since the 2009 season.


The network broadcasts games live, in addition to special shows on Thursday nights. Also, those who have a subscription to this service, will be able to use the Fox Sports Go application, which offers access to dozens of NFL games.

In addition, ALL MADDEN will air on the FOX broadcast network on Thursday, Dec. 30 at 8:00 PM ET / PT.

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This app is compatible with Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku and Android TV, among others. It can also be entered through the browser using the credentials of the cable or satellite TV subscription.


Of course, the “world leader in sports” also offers rich football-related programming. The network broadcasts at least one live match every week, the Monday Night Football event being the most important. Talk and analysis programs are also broadcast around this game.

Tua on how the Dolphins have won seven games in a row ♨️

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The network broadcasts several games live on weekends. Also, for only $ 6 per month, it offers CBS All Access with which you can access some of the games on Sundays. It can be an attractive option for those who are just getting to know the world of American football.


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In March 2021, the National Hockey League (NHL) signed an important agreement with ESPN, so the competition returns to the network from the 2021-2022 season.

In this way, ESPN will have a rich programming related to this competition, which includes the transmission of the games live.

The agreement, which will run for seven years, also includes the ESPN + streaming service, where the NHL matches will also be shown.


Turner Sports signed an agreement with the NHL to broadcast at least 50 regular season games. The network will also show some special events, such as the Winter Classic that will take place on January 1 at Target Field in Minneapolis.

We & # 39; ve seen many amazing #WinterClassic moments, which one did you want tickets for? 🎟

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It will be in charge of broadcasting up to ten regular season games, including the NHL All-Star Game. On this network, the meetings will be broadcast on Saturday nights.


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Amazon Prime Video

Streaming Amazon offers its subscribers to access and enjoy some live matches of the competition through the Prime Video application, available on more than 650 devices. This option only works within the United States.

Fubo tv

It is one of the most complete options for sports fans. It is capable of broadcasting the largest number of MLB games as it draws on the services of FOX, ESPN and the MLB Network.

It offers a free trial period that can help fans learn more about what this service offers.


ESPN’s streaming service offers several MLB games. The platform also broadcasts the final stretch of each season, which includes the National League Championship Series and the World Series.


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The channel broadcasts several Major Legue Soccer matches for the United States. The signal also passes some friendlies from the United States men’s and women’s teams.

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It is considered the most important streaming platform specialized in sports and its programming also includes several MLS matches and special programs about the competition.


The station broadcasts several MLS matches, which also includes its ESPN + streaming service. This is full coverage, also featuring interviews, specials, and documentaries.


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The network has complete coverage of the NBA, which includes live games and programs broadcast from the studio, one of the most important being Inside the NBA.

The show wouldn’t be the same without the Big Fella.

Today marks 10 years of @SHAQ on #InsideTheNBA!

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NBA League Pass

It is a subscription that offers access to all games live and on demand throughout the season. Its application is available for mobile devices, browser and smart TVs.

Fans in the United States also have the option of purchasing NBA TV, which broadcasts exclusive content such as interviews, archive shows and live events 24 hours a day.


The sports network broadcasts several basketball duels in the United States. Its specialized coverage also includes a match analysis program and interviews. The duels can also be followed by the ESPN + platform.


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