Thursday, January 27

How would Argentina’s first Bitcoin future market operate?

“We always put it on the agenda, but we have to adapt to the priorities of the CNV,” added Caram, who explained that the product would not be aimed at the general market but at “qualified and specialized investors” and “corporations” who are “informed about the product and its volatility.”

Future markets, in this case cryptocurrencies, They differ from so-called “spot” operations, which are carried out on the present values ​​of the instrument.

If approved, the bitcoin futures market would be the first of its kind in Argentina and throughout Latin America, and would be developed based on the Matba Roflex group’s BTC-MtR Index.

The index, which began to be published last April, calculates in real time the value of Bitcoin in Argentine pesos from prices provided by the “best known” exchanges and brokers in Argentina.

Likewise, the index has a Technical Advisory Committee in charge of supervising and guaranteeing its proper functioning.

Currently, traditional players in the stock market have been incorporating products related to crypto assets in different parts of the world, such as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange futures contracts, ETFs that were approved in the United States, crypto asset indices, digital asset custody services. and the creation of regulated digital market infrastructure, such as SIX.

According to Caram, if the request is approved and if there is “demand” by customers, the launch of other cryptocurrency instruments, such as Ethereum, is not ruled out.