Saturday, December 4

HP Lovecraft, “The Inadaptable”: we analyze some of the latest versions of the master’s works (Paper Labyrinth 2×09)

H.P. Lovecraft es one of the most beloved authors of this house. We return to it again and again as an absolute classic that it is, and in Paper maze‘, the fantastic literature podcast that we do in Xataka in collaboration with the Minotauro publishing house, we already dedicated a delivery to review your work in full.

Now we return to him because a few comics and picture books that reformulate his work coincide in the bookstores. We have brought Francisco Serrano, author of books such as ‘Dogs of the desert’ or ‘On the disappeared coast’ and contributor to the literary podcast ‘Rancho Drácula’, to comment on how they work and how much genuinely Lovecraftian is left in them.

Those three novelties are the first of ‘The Lovecraft Notebooks’ by Armel Gaulme, dedicated to ‘Dagon’, and which works as a kind of travel sketchbook of the terrifying tale. We have ‘The Call of Cthulhu’ according to the sumptuous and hyper-realistic French illustrator ‘François Baranger’. And finally, Gou Tanabe’s terrifying black and white manga approach to ‘The Mountains of Madness’.

Three different looks at Lovecraft, each with both the genius of Providence and their respective reinterpreters. And we take the opportunity to talk about why it is so difficult to adapt Lovecraft, but why it keeps trying over and over again in movies, books and comics. And let it be what Nyarlathotep wants.

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