Thursday, January 27

HSBC announced a local investment of US $ 19.5 million

During the balance, Marotta also highlighted the bank’s support “for all companies; small, medium and large companies from different sectors and throughout the country that play an important role in the economic recovery ”; and in this sense he recalled that $ 70,000 million were granted in loans to SMEs, of which 23% correspond to the financing of exports, and that loans in dollars amounted to 226 million, 61% destined to exporters and agriculture.

Regarding HSBC’s programs and actions, the CEO appreciated the Women to the World initiative, which promotes the women’s business community. The program already has 3,500 companies led by women. “With great pride I want to mention that some of them have required $ 14.8 billion so far this year, of which 35% corresponds to financing foreign trade operations,” said Marotta.

Along these lines, he also highlighted the sustainability goals: “We have the priority objective of leading the transition process to zero net carbon emissions of our operation, that of our value chain and also that of our clients. We launched the first sustainable financing product to accompany companies and this year alone we allocated US $ 2,464 million between bonds and direct financing throughout the Latin American region. The decision to advance in an environmental commitment has no setback. To achieve our goal, we seek by 2030 to provide between 750 billion and 1 trillion dollars in financing and investment at a global level.”.

Regarding HSBC’s prospects for 2022, he anticipated: “Next year we will complete a major remodeling project for one of our corporate buildings, which is the historical heritage of the city and the headquarters of our headquarters. The enhancement of this building on Florida Street requires an investment of US $ 19.5 million in an initiative that will allow us to centralize our teams there with 12,500m2 of spaces aligned to the future of work, with hybrid models that favor integration and flexibility. Our organization continues to bet on the growth of Argentina, and this investment is aligned with that will ”.

In addition, the executive highlighted “the constant commitment to innovations and digital developments that improve the service and allow us to be a more agile, simple and dynamic bank will continue to be a priority.”

Regarding the projections for next year, Marotta also emphasized that “from our entity we have set ourselves medium and long-term objectives that in 2022 will show a defined mark: prop up the economic recovery with strong support to the productive sector SMEs. We expect growth to slow down, but, thanks to the significant push at the end of 2021, it can reach 3% ”.