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Huawei MateView GT: productivity and entertainment in large format

PVS $ 747.00

“The MateView does represent a good start in monitors by Huawei, especially for the response it offers in video games and streaming content of certain services.”


  • Large, curved format

  • Good visual performance

  • Soundbar with clear audio

  • Touch panel to control volume


  • Not so intuitive settings button

  • The arm does not allow the display to be moved sideways

Huawei’s first curved monitor, called MateView GT, is a pleasant surprise, especially since it offers an outstanding experience in productivity and entertainment. We tested it for a couple of weeks and we tell you our impressions.

Those who come from using 24 or 27-inch monitors, and with a resolution at least Full HD, will be impressed, since the Chinese brand’s is 34 inches and has 3K resolution (3,440 x 1,440 pixels).

In addition, its aspect ratio is 21: 9, which means that you can have a longer and more immersive image, especially with compatible content.

In more of its design, the base of the monitor integrates a stereo speaker with a touch panel that lets you control the volume of the screen. We will talk about this later.


Whoever writes these lines does like to use monitors as a second screen, that is, as a complement to the laptop. So, testing the MateView GT for a few weeks – which was presented internationally in July 2021 – was very convenient for him.

The elongated size of the panel allows the Word word processor, two browser windows and even the YouTube playback window to be displayed simultaneously, all with a good display size.

At first you may have the feeling that the screen is very large and that it will not be used in the best way. However, again, it is a monitor that falls well in the hands of those who usually run several platforms at the same time.

It also helps that display it can be lowered or raised in position, and tilted. What it does not allow is to move it to the left or right. Once the correct angle has been found, the next step is to arrange the virtual windows as appropriate.

Video game

The popularity of PC video games is not new, so the gamers they will also want a monitor that makes them feel their game to the fullest. Huawei touts the MateView GT as the right fit for such a practice, especially since it built in a 165 Hz refresh rate, which means smoother graphics, and a maximum brightness of 350 nits (a display Conventional Full HD can count with 250 nits).

The manufacturer also promises 1.07 billion colors to give people more accurate and realistic gradients. Also, the contrast ratio is 4,000: 1, which translates to deeper blacks.

At the moment of truth, that is, when playing video games, there are no complaints: the MateView GT displays its best qualities. The colors displayed are accurate and vivid, the level of contrast allows dark scenes to be optimal and clear, and action games do not feel sluggish thanks to the high refresh rate. It is not minor to say that the subtitles of each development, in case they are required to be activated, look well defined.

For the tests, both video games of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription were run, from Unruly Heroes until Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, such as titles stored on a PlayStation 4, such as Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Y Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Another element that stands out in the field gamer and content display is the sound bar integrated into the base of the monitor, which includes an interactive RBG lighting center and two speakers for stereo audio. Although its sound will not invade the entire room, it is clear and enveloping enough to give a good experience to those who are seated in front of it. display.

Huawei Mate View GT

Thanks to its tactile touch, the light line of the audio system allows you to control the volume level. To lower it, you have to make a drag gesture to the left on it (the opposite to raise it).

Content streaming

What happens when you have to watch content on a platform streaming? In general, the practice is favorable, but it stands out with some specific services. With Apple TV Plus, for example, it seems that the MateView GT is used 100 percent, as the colors, contrast and brightness are accurate, just like with Disney Plus.

Huawei Mate View GT

On YouTube, if content is played in high definition or 2160p, everything looks in great detail, from close-ups to generals.

Surprisingly, on Netflix and Prime Video the experience is good, but nothing more; don’t expect content at its finest. Perhaps here you should consider the message that the Amazon platform displays when you want to change the video parameters: “Your video will be reproduced in standard definition because the hardware of your equipment, the HDMI cables and the screen must meet the requirements. Protection of Content (HDCP) for HD video ”. The clarification is that, for the tests in this review, no accessories other than those provided by Huawei were used for the monitor.

Simply put, when playing long-form, high-definition content, the MateView GT appears to be the long-awaited desktop display.

General experience

For the connection of multiple devices, from the laptop to more than one video game console, the MateView GT incorporates two ports HDMI 2.1, DisplayPort 1.4, USB-C charging and USB-C with the ability to charge the compatible computer and transmit audio and video. It also comes with a smart dual mic system and a headphone / mic combo port (3.5mm).

In order to access the different video settings and change the transmission source, for example, it integrates a kind of control at the base of the panel. This element is easier to operate than the buttons on conventional monitors, but it cannot be said that it is 100 percent intuitive. Here the recommendation would have been the integration of a remote control, as other advanced proposals in the segment do.

Huawei Mate View GT

What can be concluded is that the MateView GT does represent a good start in monitors by the Chinese manufacturer, more for the response it provides in video games and content in streaming of certain services. It exceeds expectations only when it comes to productivity, especially since its size is the most convenient when you need to work on several platforms at the same time.

Its price is slightly below that of its closest competitors ($ 15,000 Mexican pesos), in addition to the fact that in the brand’s online store you could obtain more than one additional device at no cost for its acquisition.

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