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Huawei P50 Pro: first impressions of the cell phone with 100x zoom | Digital Trends Spanish

These are true first impressions as I’ve only had it for a few hours. Huawei P50 Pro, which was unveiled in China in July 2021. The unit in my hands is the gold one and immediately draws attention for the module that houses the main optics signed by Leica. Could it be that this phone leaves a very good taste in the mouth when it comes to photography?

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What is true is that the back of the phone is a true fingerprint magnet, so you may want to use the plastic case that the manufacturer includes. Also included in the box is the cord and 66-watt wall charger.

For those who decide not to use any accessories on the body of the smartphone, you should know that it feels solid and firm, without that feeling that it will accidentally slip.

The P50 Pro ditches the 3.5mm wired headphone jack; the only physical ports it has are the one that allows it to be charged (USB-C) and the slot for the mobile data card. The company placed the volume and power buttons on the right side.

To unlock the unit, in addition to facial recognition, people can use the fingerprint sensor under the screen, which responds quickly.

When you look at it from the front, it is difficult not to catch your eye on the OLED display, called True-Chroma (supports a wide range of P3 colors, indicates the manufacturer) and that curves along the sides. It’s 6.6-inches and includes a refresh rate of up to 120Hz, 2,700 x 1,228-pixel resolution, and high-frequency PWM dimming control intended to reduce eye fatigue.

The panel displays intense colors and a good level of contrast, so it will leave a good experience for consumers of all types of multimedia content, from series to online video. The surround sound also contributes to this, which not only has good power, but is clear and sharp.

Performance and autonomy

Looking at the technical specifications of the P50 Pro —at least those that were decided for Mexico—, it is a fact that it is a cell phone that will respond optimally to the different demands, both for productivity and entertainment.

6.6-inch screen and includes a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz.

Inside it contains, in addition to 256 GB of storage, the Snapdragon 888 4G processor and 8 GB RAM. Yes, it is not compatible with the 5G network, however, the fifth generation of mobile phone technologies is not yet enabled for Mexico.

What was considered for the P50 Pro is Wi-Fi 6 (whose range may be double that of its predecessor), which makes sense now that there are more offerings of mesh solutions for the end user.

The battery is 4,360 mAh, which means that, in heavy use, it may need to be charged every day. Due to its 66-watt SuperCharge fast charge, the unit can go from low levels to 100 percent in about 45 minutes, according to early tests. Wireless charging is also not far behind: it is 50 watts.

high expectations

The Huawei XD optics and the XD Fusion Pro image engine are two of the aspects that the Chinese firm emphasizes in the P50 Pro. It is a quad camera that promises to respond to all kinds of circumstances in the best way – from landscapes to objects tiny—, due to the greater entrance of light.

I can already say that the zoom of the 64 MP periscopic camera, at least 10x, is surprising for its precision and level of detail (as can be seen in the following images). This can go up to 100x.

More tests are needed to see how the optics of this high-end perform in different environments, but the first impression it leaves is favorable.

In the different reviews of Huawei phones, the fact that they do not have Google apps and services is highlighted, so it will also be interesting to see how the P50 Pro deals with this issue. For now, I’ve already been able to install some of my favorite apps like Netflix, Feedly, and Spotify on my test unit.

Having a Huawei MateStation X on my desk, a high-end PC, it will be interesting to see the different alternatives that open up with some platforms and, especially, in relation to sharing content between one computer and another.

Thus, the Huawei P50 Pro will become my main cell phone for a week. Later, all the results that are generated from this experience.

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