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Huawei phones will have 5G, but you can’t imagine how | Digital Trends Spanish

Huawei has been subject to a veto by the US government for several years, which, among other things, prevents it from integrating 5G connectivity into its phones. But it seems that the manufacturer would have found a way to achieve it, without relying on chip suppliers.

according to reportsHuawei is working on developing a phone case that could enable 5G services on 4G phones. In other words, to have 5G we would only have to put a cover on the mobile.

Reports suggest that this solution would not be as powerful as having a chip with an integrated 5G modem, but it could help Huawei to please its customers in the short term. On Weibo, China’s equivalent of Facebook, some concept images of Huawei’s 5G-enabled case have been shared.

The shared renders show a case with a similar camera cutout as the Huawei P50 series has. At the moment, Huawei has not revealed any official details or confirmed the launch of said product.

We must point out that this idea is not genuine from Huawei, since it is not the first time that we see a case that provides 5G to a 4G phone. In 2018, Motorola launched the Moto Z3 or as they called it, “the first 5G upgradeable phone” in the world.

This phone had several interchangeable skins called Moto Mods at its disposal. Each one of them gave it a different functionality (a speaker, a projector, a photo camera), but there was also a Moto Mod 5G to give the phone this connectivity at a time when nobody had it.

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