Friday, October 7

Huawei prepares its folding mobile, and the surprise will be in a simple and functional hinge

People have been talking about the hypothetical Huawei Mate V, the imminent folding mobile from this manufacturer It will compete with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3. New data now comes from this device that will have a promising feature.

This characteristic is that of its “next generation” hinge, which according to sources close to this development would differ from those that use mobiles such as Samsung’s by being simpler in design, cheaper to manufacture and more reliable in its operation.

The manufacturer points to a mobile with the old “shell” format

In February 2021 Huawei already presented its Mate X2, but that design will soon be accompanied by another that will compete with the Galaxy Z Flip3 and that makes use of that idea of take back the phones “shell” that when folded they occupy very little and that when unfolded they have approximately the screen dimensions of a current mobile.

In that design there will also be an important novelty in the hinge of the device, which according to the latest news has been developed by the Chinese company Zhaoli Technology and which has already stated that its hinge design will soon be used in a new device.

Everything indicates that Huawei will be the one that will use this hinge system, which apparently is less complicated than those that Huawei itself had used until now and which is also more reliable and does not need as many components, which makes it cheaper to manufacture.

It is therefore expected that this new hinge is one of the novelties of that theoretical Huawei Mate V that could arrive soon and that would be based on the Kirin 9000 SoC.

Via | Gizmochina