Wednesday, December 8

Huawei Share, a tool to share files without the use of cables

Can you imagine moving a file from your cell phone to your computer with just one click, without cables, without so much configuration?

Perhaps you thought it was not possible and surely it would take several years for this technology to reach your hands.

Currently Huawei makes this possible with technology Huawei Share, a versatile smart connectivity tool.

This technology allows files to be transferred to the computer and vice versa as if they were connected by cable, interactions in real time, supported by collaboration between systems and multiple displays.

With this tool you do not need mobile data, once a connection has been established between the two devices, you can use it very easily and with high transmission speed.

Files, images and data can be shared to increase the efficiency of your work.

Huawei lists some advantages of using this new technology:

Control phone applications: open applications, view phone home screen and web pages directly on computer.

Enter text and send messages: type in the virtual phone window using the computer keyboard and copy and paste the content between the two devices.

Multi-screen collaboration: Multi-Screen Collaboration turns your computer and phone or tablet into a seamless efficiency unit, supporting drag-and-drop file transfers, keyboard input and mouse navigation for sharing, and document editing between devices.

Transfer files between your phone and your computer: Transfer files between your phone and computer with just one touch, once a connection is established between the two devices, for quick and easy sharing.

Answer voice and video calls on your computer: Once your phone screen is projected onto your computer, you can join conference calls made on your phone, with the benefit of your computer’s most powerful camera and speaker.

A tool that once you know it, it becomes essential to send files from one site to another.

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