Thursday, December 2

Huawei signs EXSUSA agreement to promote Panamanian education

Huawei signed a cooperation agreement with EXSUSA (Excellence and Overcoming), to benefit Panamanian students in this era of technological learning.

DESTROYED It is the most important education conglomerate in the Republic of Panama. With participation in four universities and twelve K-12 schools, it contributes to the education of more than 40,000 students.

Recognizing the radical changes in educational technology, EXSUSA has taken the initiative to create new learning concepts such as the villages or knowledge centers (Learning Vila).

In this sense, supported by the leading company Huawei, it has the first knowledge center, Learning Vila at Atrio Mall, which is called to be a benchmark in Panamanian education.

That is why as part of its ICT talent development program in Panama, HUAWEI y Exsusa join forces to contribute to the training of professionals in the ICT sector in Panama and the region

The signing of this agreement has the objective of strengthening the relations of technological, scientific and academic cooperation between EXSUSA and Huawei, for the execution of the ICT Academy, a project of EXSUSA Executive Innovation and advice and assistance for educational development through the provision of high technology.

“The new reality and the inclusion of technology in our day to day has taught us how the distances between the teacher and the student have been increasingly reduced, strengthening ties in the teaching-learning process, collaborative work and exchange. of roles. That is why this agreement between a technology giant like Huawei and our group enhances our values, mission and vision where together we all learn, we continue to change lives based on a reflective cross-sectional model under a philosophy of learning to learn ”, Vivian Barrios from EXSUSA indicated

In this way, Huawei continues to reaffirm its commitment to Panamanian youth through education and its approach to TIC state-of-the-art promoting technological innovation in the education sector.

Training the new generations in ICT will help the future to have a trained human resource, highly trained and strengthened with technological knowledge.

Peter Zhang, President of Huawei’s Enterprise Business in Central America and the Caribbean, added: “We are aware that the accelerated advance of digitization favors the need to adapt educational training to the practices of the industries. This ensures that more young people can assertively place themselves in the job market. We are sure that this synergy with EXSUSA will yield many fruits in the new generations of Panamanian professionals ”.

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