Wednesday, August 4

Huertas, suspended by Cs after supporting the PSOE, enters the local government of Granada, which does not include Luis Salvador

The government team of the Granada City Council, headed by Francisco Cuenca (PSOE), will have José Antonio Huertas, whom Cs has suspended from membership after supporting the investiture of the socialist councilor, as councilor for Finance, Sports and Information Technology, while Luis Salvador, who is also subject to expulsion from the orange formation, has not entered the city government.

The spokesman for the government team, the socialist Jacobo Calvo, pointed out this Friday at a press conference that the government team “remains open” given that negotiations continue with United We Can – which also supported the inauguration of Cuenca – and if some kind of agreement is reached, it is possible to “reconfigure some area” while maintaining the same philosophy of “management and solvency” that has been articulated at this time.

The organization of the Granada City Council will be divided into ten councils and will have Ana Muñoz as first deputy mayor; the other three mayoral offices will be held in this order by José María Corpas, José Antonio Huertas and Raquel Ruz.

Ana Muñoz is the new Councilor for the Presidency, European Funds, Employment and Equality; José María Corpas will be in charge of the area of ​​Economy, Hiring, Human Resources and Transparency; Raquel Ruz is councilor for Security and Mobility, while Miguel Ángel Fernández Madrid will be deputy spokesperson and delegate councilor for Urbanism, Planning and Public Works.

For her part, María de Leyva Campaña takes the reins of the Culture and Heritage area, and Eduardo Castillo will be in charge of Citizen Participation, Youth, Tourism and Promotion of Business Activity. Francisco Herrera Trigueros is the new councilor for the City of Knowledge, Science and University; Nuria Gutiérrez Medina, of Social Rights, Integration and Transfer Plans and the Elderly; Jacobo Calvo will occupy the Department of Maintenance, Environment and Education. Finally, the aforementioned mayor now suspended from membership by Cs, José Antonio Huertas, will take the reins of the area of ​​Finance, Sports and Information Technology.

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