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Humans have discarded more than 7 thousand kilos of garbage on Mars | Digital Trends Spanish

humans do we have colonized marsbut not with astronauts, but with garbage, since a new essay by The Conversation written by West Virginia University postdoc Cagri Kilic, indicates that we have left more than 7 thousand kilos of debris on the Red Planet.

In fact, the Curiosity rover has found garbage, such as a kind of noodle which was actually part of the explorer itself.

According to Kilic, debris on Mars originates from three main sources: discarded hardware, idle spacecraft, and crashed spacecraft.

One of the reasons so much debris remains is because of the current method of landing on the planet’s surface. To safely enter and pass through the atmosphere, a spacecraft comes clad in a disposable heat shield and deploys a parachute to slow down in time before approaching the ground. Naturally, all those things are discarded. Even active rovers leave behind bits of discarded hardware, the essay notes, such as wheel of the Curiosity Rover.

Another of the serious problems that this amount of garbage drags on Mars is the difficulty for future landings of probes or spacecraft.

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