Monday, March 27

Humans, like guinea pigs in CDMX

Who knows what has done more damage, SARS-CoV-2 or the ineptitude of the authorities, particularly those so-called public servants who feel touched by a divine halo to dispose of the lives of hundreds of thousands of people at will. Mexicans who suffered the viacrucis of not finding a place in a public hospital for the care of their relatives, who ultimately died.

We do not know where there is more brutality and clumsiness, if in Hugo López-Gatell or among the capital’s government officials who authorized the free distribution of 200,000 doses of the drug to treat animal diseases or to banish worms and lice, called ivermectin and which According to the World Health Organization and the chemical manufacturer itself, in no way is its usefulness proven to heal patients, on the contrary, it presents important collateral damage due to its consumption.

The issue of the use of human beings, without their consent, to experience the effects of some drug to combat a certain virus, was a practice that was considered typical of totalitarian governments, who in their desire to dominate and subjugate, used this type of method against enemies of the regime.

In fact, the Nuremberg Code establishes that the voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential, a rule that was violated in the country’s capital.

Not now, but after 2024, those public officials in the capital will have to be punished, starting with Claudia Sheinbaum, for giving their authorization for the distribution of drugs of doubtful effectiveness to combat Covid, without asking for the express consent of the patients.

Now nothing will happen and the ball will be thrown between José Peña Merino, head of the Digital Agency for Public Innovation, Oliva López, another López, secretary of Health and Eduardo Clark, director of Digital Government, all of them collaborators of the Head of the capital’s government , who had to do with this fact, so that at the end of the day, it turns out that the culprits of the criminal act were those who ingested the ivermectin.

Given the complicity and submission of the Prosecutors, both in the capital and in the Republic, and the non-existence of the CNDH, all that remains is to go to international forums to make the respective complaint and thereby inform the world of what has happened in our country.

Just as there are already criminal complaints against López Gatell for his responsibility in the death of various patients by Covid, in the same way, those affected by having consumed, without their consent, a medicine that is used for many things, except to combat the virus and its variants, have all the arguments to proceed with the lawsuit.

It is still remembered when President Donald Trump recommended the use of hydroxychloroquine, a drug used against malaria and lupus, to combat Covid, advice that cost the lives of several Americans.

Similarly, the same thing happens here with the use of ivermectin, the only thing missing is to document the cases among a population of 200,000 consumers of the product, thanks to the “generous vision” of the Head of the capital’s government.

Since we are walking through the capital of the country, we will say that the sewer that prevails in the shelters of the Institute for Attention to Priority Populations of the Secretariat of Inclusion and Social Welfare of CDMX has also been uncovered.

The complaints published by various media regarding the daily harassment of children and adolescents, to the point of keeping them tied from head to toe, revealed the serious abuses that occur in these facilities that are poorly managed by the current authorities. capitals.

The investigation must go beyond this case and review each of the IAPP and DIF shelters because there are multiple violations of the human rights of children and adolescents.

There is an absolute lack of interest in guaranteeing the human rights of children and adolescents by the current federal government and in CDMX, as evidenced by this and other cases of mistreatment, the systematic reduction of resources and the disappearance of social programs aimed at protect this vulnerable group of the population.