Thursday, December 8

Hundreds of dead fish appear in the Guadaíra riverbed in Seville

The civic platform Save the Guadaíra has informed the Hydrographic Confederation of the Guadalquivir CHG) and the Nature Protection Service of the Civil Guard (Seprona) of the detection of a new episode of fish mortality in the Guadaíra river after the one that occurred in a similar way about a year ago.

According to the environmental group, the dead specimens are accumulated next to the reeds in front of the San Juan de Los Teatinos mill.

Given the case, the platform has requested Seprona to act within its powers and to write the corresponding reports so that the administrations involved can take the necessary measures.

This new episode of fish mortality “shows once again that the recovery of the Guadaíra river is not complete and that it is far enough for citizens to be able to enjoy a truly clean and alive river”, the environmentalists warn; stating that the Guadaíra River Recovery and Improvement Program “was terminated by the Andalusian Government and the basin councils, but there are still many objectives to be achieved, both in terms of the Guadaíra Blanco and the Guadaíra Verde ”.