Saturday, December 10

Hundreds of people demonstrate in Barcelona to celebrate 12-O under the slogan ‘More Spain and more Spanish’

Hundreds of people, some 2,200 according to the Guàrdia Urbana, have demonstrated in Barcelona this Wednesday to celebrate 12-O under the slogan ‘More Spain and more Spanish’. Summoned by the Catalunya Suma platform, the leaders of Vox, Ciudadanos and PP in Catalonia have led the march behind the main banner at the intersection of Passeig de Gràcia with Provença.

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The demonstration has traveled the promenade to Plaza Catalunya, where the reading of a manifesto signed by twenty entities was expected. There has been no lack, as in recent years, of Latin American folklore groups and songs in favor of the unity of Spain, as well as many Spanish flags.

‘Catalunya Suma por España’, the organizing association of the demonstration, has assured that Hispanic Day is “the true national holiday of the Catalans”. In a media attention before starting the march, the president of the entity, Javier Megino, trusted that the call would be “a success”. In addition, he was very “proud” of representing “the green, blue and orange”, alluding to the identifying colors of the Vox, PPC and Ciudadanos parties, respectively. “It is an event for all Spaniards and in which everyone feels represented”, he insisted.

Megino has avoided referring to the PSC in the demonstration and has limited himself to saying that “everyone has been invited” and “any party in the constitutionalist field is welcome.”