Wednesday, December 7

Hundreds of people gather in Santander in defense of quality Primary Care

Hundreds of people have gathered this afternoon in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Santander in defense of quality Primary Care. The concentration, convened by the Medical Union, has been developed under the slogans ‘For your health, for everyone’s’ and ‘Doctors for quality healthcare’, and has brought together not only professionals but also citizens, invited by those for express “their discomfort” at the “deterioration of the care they are receiving.”

Thus, the union has encouraged citizens to join in solidarity with their Primary Care doctors in this concentration, scheduled before the preliminary agreement reached on Friday with the Ministry of Health that could lead to the end of the indefinite strike that began last Monday to demand solutions to the “very serious” problems that these professionals face, such as aggression, work overload, “breach” of the 2019 agreements and the new continuity positions.

In this sense, the Medical Union believes that the strike will be postponed until Health complies with the agreement, with which the probability that it will continue is “50%”. From 11:30 a.m., the Town Hall square has been filling up with people carrying banners in defense of health, ‘Primary necessary’. Thus, a large poster expressed the ‘SOS’ of the doctors at the Laredo Health Center in the face of job insecurity, while others questioned ‘Do you want a different doctor every day?’ They pointed out that ‘Continuity=Precarity’, that ‘+ scrubs , -ties’, that ‘Exploited doctors, mistreated patients’ or ‘Poor staff, risk to the patient’. Likewise, several banners demanded ‘Stop aggressions’ and ‘More sanctions, less aggressions’.

During the act, a manifesto was read in defense of quality Primary Care because “we cannot allow the degradation of recent years to continue”; against aggressions at work, which have increased “progressively”; and against a ‘war medicine’, in a hurry, “that makes no sense in a country like this” and that harms patients.

“Enough is enough, the time has come to lay the minimum foundations for quality Primary Care and guarantees,” defend the doctors in the manifesto, in which they also assure that they will not give in “in the face of deterioration” of care or to guarantee a minimum of quality “which we are not going to give up”. “This is the beginning,” they warn.

The event concluded with the intervention of a patient who has thanked public health for the last 16 years of his life, which is one of the best in the world, he said. In statements to the media, the vice president of the Medical Union, Santiago Raba, explained that citizens have been encouraged to show their “discomfort” over the public health situation. “I think the message has got through, they see that there is a deterioration in the assistance they are receiving and they understand that we need time to be able to attend to them adequately,” he assessed. And he has emphasized that defending public health “is everyone’s business, health workers and citizens, who usually do not have the opportunity to show their discontent, and taking advantage of our mobilization, we have asked them to join.”

Postponement of the strike

On the other hand, the Medical Union will transfer tomorrow the draft of the preliminary agreement reached on Friday with the Cantabrian Health Service (SCS) in a meeting convened at the College of Physicians at 11:00 a.m., against which Raba has shown “moderate optimism , a 50% chance that the strike will go ahead” and the belief that it will be postponed until Health complies.

At the moment, “these guarantees that we have demanded from Health are lacking and that they have to reach us tomorrow before the assembly, which fundamentally consist of what has been agreed, patients and doctors begin to notice the day after tomorrow.” It is about “important fringes” and “that is why we do not want to launch the bells on the fly, because they still have to give us certain guarantees that we hope will arrive before the assembly”, he insisted.

Some fringes that, out of respect for the assembly, Raba has not specified, but that fundamentally refer to the fact that “the agreed improvements begin to be received from now on; that the improvement for doctors and their patients begins to be noticed from the day after tomorrow”.

In addition, Raba has recognized that in the Medical Union “we do not trust at all” the word of the Government. “Tomorrow we will see if the assembly decides to call off the strike or not, but it is most likely that it will be postponed until it is verified that the agreements are being fulfilled,” predicted the trade unionist, who recalled that these include “guaranteeing agendas of quality” with a limit of 35 patients; that continuity doctors be integrated into the Primary Emergency Care teams and that safety be guaranteed.

“This week we Primary Care doctors have had to prescribe Mr. Revilla and Mr. Pesquera a master formula of honesty, reliability and compliance with what was agreed because we have seen them very deficient in these aspects,” said Raba, who hopes that in The assembly this Monday “confirms that they are completely cured and that it is not necessary for them to continue with the treatment for more days, because it is very expensive, it is costing all citizens a lot.”

Finally, Raba has affirmed that the follow-up of the strike has been “massive”, 75% and not 19.5% as Health has said and that the minimum services “imposed” by the Ministry have been “very sloppy” because they were of two doctors and one pediatrician per health center, regardless of the number of physicians, and in the Emergency Room they were 50% when in his opinion they should be “80-100%”.

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