Monday, October 3

Hundreds of people protest in Buenos Aires against the police fence in Cristina Kirchner’s home

Hundreds of people marched this Saturday in Buenos Aires to protest the installation of a police fence around the home of the Argentine vice president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, for whom a prosecutor requested a sentence of twelve years in prison and lifelong disqualification for hold public office.

Riots between protesters and police in front of Cristina Kirchner’s house

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The home of the former president (2007-2015), located in the capital’s Recoleta neighborhood, woke up this Saturday with a set of fences in its vicinity and a reinforcement of police security, measures arranged by the Government of the city of Buenos Aires, headed by the opposition Horacio Rodríguez Larreta.

Since this Monday, a group of political, social and student activists maintained a vigil around the former president’s home, but the Buenos Aires government took advantage of the heavy rains this morning to clean the area and establish the fence in question, preventing the congregation of protesters on the spot.

The vice president charged on her website against the decision of the capital’s Executive, stressing that this Saturday the corner of her house was “literally besieged.”

“The fences placed by Mr. Larreta are more than just preventing free movement, they are more than just besieging the vice president of the nation. They want to ban the absolutely peaceful and joyous protesters of love and support, which take place in the face of the already undeniable persecution of the judicial party,” Fernández asserted.

For this reason, the leaders of the ruling coalition of the Frente de Todos in Buenos Aires called to gather around the home of the vice president to protest the police fence.

There, national government officials, political leaders, trade unionists and supporters of Kirchnerism carried out a “sit-in” in front of the fences, without incidents with the Police having been recorded so far.

Last Monday, federal prosecutor Diego Luciani requested a twelve-year prison sentence against Cristina Fernández, in the framework of a trial for alleged irregularities in the award of public works when she was head of state.

The prosecutor considers that it is proven that the current vice president was the “head” of an illicit association that caused a millionaire economic damage to the State.

Fernández said that there is no evidence to support such accusations during a public appearance on Tuesday, after the court that tried her denied her the possibility of expanding her investigative statement.

Version of the Buenos Aires Government

In statements to the TN news channel, the chief of the Buenos Aires Cabinet, Felipe Miguel, explained that the installation of the fence had the objective of “guaranteeing the circulation” of the residents of the area.

“Governments have a responsibility to guarantee public order. Here we saw that progressively, in the last 48 hours, they had systematically organized to take turns, people arrived, we had batucada, fair, noise until 2 in the morning… People have to be able to live in peace,” Miguel assured.