Thursday, December 8

Hundreds of people protest in Madrid against the death of the young Iranian Mahsa Amini

Hundreds of demonstrators have gathered this Saturday in Madrid to show their solidarity with the women of Iran, who for two weeks have been protesting in the streets of their country over the death of the young Mahsa Amini. Throughout the afternoon, the attendees filled the Plaza de Callao with banners and posters in which the name of the 22-year-old Iranian girl, who died on September 14 after being arrested by the Police of the Morality of his country, accused of not wearing the veil well. Amini’s death has sparked a wave of protests in the country, which have been met with a violent police response.

Congress condemns the “very serious” violation of human rights in Iran

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The protesters were greeted on their arrival with an Iranian song that collects various messages written by Iranians on Twitter to show their support for the protests. The boy who wrote it is now in jail. When the music stops playing, the crowd shouts: “Long live Iran.”

Arezoo, an Iranian girl who has been living in Spain for eleven years, addressed the protesters: “We are here so that the world listens to the voice of our people, because if the government cuts off their voice, we will be the voice of Iran and the Iranian women who risk their lives to put an end to the injustices that our country is experiencing.”

“We ask for your help because you have influence in your own government so that it stops collaborating with our current state,” he concluded. After Arezoo’s words, the crowd erupted with the cry of “woman, life, freedom” and “hit me, kill me, you can no longer shut me up”, among other slogans.

A movement of the people

Gradually more people joined the demonstration. Among them, several curious people like Carmen, a 70-year-old woman. “I recognized the name and the photo, and I ran to join,” she said. “I am here because I want to stand in solidarity with the struggle of Iranian women.” Arya, a 35-year-old Iranian boy, explained to that he was there because women are under a lot of pressure from the Moral Police in Iran, and that he, as a man, also experienced it “but women more and it’s something which is not acceptable in 2022.”

Shaffy, a 36-year-old girl who left Iran thanks to a student scholarship at the age of 21, explained that she was protesting because she had experienced those pressures, “it was the reason why I left my country.”

“It is important that people know this because they are killing people, and we have no defense,” adds Vita, a 53-year-old woman who came to Spain two decades ago thanks to a scholarship to study medicine. “This is a movement that comes from the people, we have no leader and we do not represent any political party.”

When the slogans stopped, the music returned with the Persian version of the “Bella Ciao”, which has starred in the Iranian demonstrations. Little by little, the attendees added her voice and her palms. You could see the faces of excited people and people hugging each other as the music continued to play.

At the end of the demonstration, several people gathered in a circle to dance to the rhythm of clapping, in the center a boy waved an Iranian flag.

The rally in Madrid was part of one of the dozens of demonstrations that had been called around the world to condemn the death of the young Mahsa Amini in police custody and to ask for the freedoms of the Iranian people.