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Hundreds of people return to the streets of A Coruña against homophobic violence and to demand justice for Samuel Luiz

Hundreds of people have walked the streets of A Coruña to demand “justice for Samuel” and show their rejection “of indifference to hatred and violence.” The demonstration, called by LGTBI and anti-fascist groups, takes place eight days after the brutal murder of the young Samuel Luiz in the vicinity of the city’s waterfront and has passed through the streets that separate Praza da Palloza from María Pita. “He did not die, he was murdered” or “if they touch one, they touch us all” were some of the songs chanted by the attendees.

The court orders the entry into a juvenile center of the two arrested this Friday for the murder of Samuel Luiz

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It is not the first protest in response to organized homophobia after him. Last Monday, July 5, the streets of more than 70 Galician towns and others in the rest of the State were filled with people crying out against homophobic violence. Despite the fact that the investigation of the crime of Luiz, who died after a beating at three in the morning shouting “shitty fag”, has not yet concluded, the networks and associations for the defense of LGTBI rights have turned him into a symbol.

And that was the symbol that this Sunday led the march in A Coruña, to which the BNG – the main opposition force in the Galician Parliament – called to attend. Its spokesperson, Ana Pontón, demanded from the first moment that the existence of a hate crime be investigated in the attack that cost Luiz his life. The president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, preferred to question him: “I do not know what their sexual inclinations were, nor do I think it is relevant, because what has happened is that they have killed a person.”

Six detainees, five incarcerated

The fact is that the murder of Samuel Luiz has shocked Galicia. The National Police, which conducts the investigations under summary secrecy and in the investigative court number 8 of the Provincial Court of A Coruña, has so far detained six people. Three men have been admitted to prison, two minors in a center ad hoc and a woman has been released but with an obligation to appear in court. The Government delegate in Galicia, José Miñones, insists in each of his public appearances that more arrests are not ruled out.

The recordings published by and that recorded the events of last Saturday show that the beating of Samuel Luiz was a lynching, with a mob of people involved. It happened around three in the morning, when the attackers pounced on Luiz thinking that he was recording them with the phone. Before they had threatened him: “Stop recording if you don’t want me to kill you, fagot.” But it wasn’t recording.

Upon receiving the first blows, a Senegalese citizen helped him escape. Not for much longer. The attackers chased him and, on the other side of the promenade, continued to hit him. They escaped before the local police arrived and the first of the ambulances that attended him. Barely ten minutes had passed.

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