Friday, June 9

Hundreds of students and teachers demonstrate at the UAB against sexual and workplace harassment in the classroom

Hundreds of students and teaching staff have demonstrated this Tuesday at the Faculty of Letters of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), where Professor Ángel Gallego worked, temporarily separated after the accusations of harassment that various doctoral students leveled at him.

Everything that has gone wrong in the case of the UAB harassing professor


A group of dozens of protesters has entered the building, headed by a banner that reads “Against all aggression, struggle and organization.” The students have charged against the rectory for having “covered up” both the case of Gallego and that of Àlvar Sánchez with chants such as “aggressor teacher, concealer rector”.

The case of Sánchez, uncovered by, was the first to come to light, in mid-March. The Physics professor was sentenced for harassment to one and a half years in prison and nine years of disqualification for sexually harassing a student. Despite this, he continued to go to the college job every day, a fact that, after learning about him, led to the resignation of the head of equality at the UAB.

After the publication of the investigation, the university “temporarily” suspended Sánchez, without specifying the duration of the measure. In the case of Gallego, the university has specified that the suspension will be one year and two months of employment and salary.

“There have been more than eighty complaints against Gallego, alleging inappropriate comments, favoritism and despotic attitudes,” said spokespersons for the students during the rally. “While all this was happening, the rectory, aware of the situation, did nothing about it and, despite filling its mouth with feminism, it has turned its back on all those attacked,” they added.