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Hunted with an electric scooter at more than 80 km / h on a national highway: these are the fines you face

The Mossos d’Esquadra have denounced a driver for going with his electric scooter at more than 80 km / h on the N-240. A situation in which several rules have been violated and for which the driver can end up being fined.

As collected The vanguard, the person circulated at that speed with his modified electric scooter and was intercepted as he passed through Tarragona. The 25-year-old also He also did not have a driving license of any kind and was driving above the speed of the section.

If it goes 80 km / h it can’t be an electric scooter

In the tweet published by the Mossos it is explained that a “scooter was detected traveling at more than 80 km / h on the N-240 in Tarragona.” The case is interesting from a legal point of view not so much for the infractions of this particular driver, but for seeing how a modified scooter fits into the regulations.

As defined by the General Vehicle Regulations, a VMP is “a vehicle with one or more wheels equipped with a single seat and powered exclusively by electric motors that can provide the vehicle with a maximum design speed of between 6 and 25 km / h”. As described Mark, the scooter had a power of 5.4 kW and When driving at 80 km / h it cannot be considered as an electric scooter, but more like a motorcycle, despite the appearance of a scooter.

This is where one of the first problems comes into play. Being considered a moped, you are required to have a license to drive it. Scooters of more than 25 km / h are not included as VMP, but there are several categories where they can be housed depending on their characteristics. We have the L3e category of motorcycles, for those two-wheeled vehicles with a cylinder capacity greater than 50 cm3 and a maximum speed greater than 45 km / h or the L2e category, for those that do not exceed L2e. In either case, both vehicles require a driving license.

However, its categorization as a moped is also unclear as lacks a seat. We are therefore facing a vehicle that does not meet the necessary requirements for its approval and therefore is not authorized to circulate.

What fines are you facing

When driving a vehicle “lacking the corresponding driving license or permit,” the Road Safety Law considers it to be a very serious offense. For this reason, a fine of 500 euros (250 euros with early payment) and four associated points.

In this case, it can be taken into account both that you were driving an approved vehicle but did not have the necessary license or directly that your vehicle did not meet the driving requirements.

The Mossos explain that he exceeded the speed of the section, but as we do not know the speed limit, we cannot know what fine he could receive. If it is more relevant in this case the possible crime against road safety.

The Penal Code in its article 384 it explains the following:

“Whoever drives a motor vehicle or moped in cases of loss of validity of the permit or license due to total loss of the legally assigned points, will be punished with the imprisonment of three to six months or a fine of twelve to twenty-four months or work for the benefit of the community thirty-one to ninety days. “

“The same penalty shall be imposed on those who carry out the driving after having been provisionally or definitively deprived of the permit or license by judicial decision, and those who drive a motor vehicle or moped without ever having obtained a driving license or permit.”

In other words, those who drive with a suspended license or without a permit can be sentenced to imprisonment for three to six months, a fine of 12 to 24 months, or work for the benefit of the community for one to three months.

Image | Mossos

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