Wednesday, May 18

Huobi Incubator Creates New Funding Platform for Web3 Projects

Key facts:
  • Huobi will invest USD 10 million for the operation of Web3 Scholarship.

  • CoinMarketCap, Poolz, and DAO Maker are some of the companies associated with Huobi Incubator.

Huobi Incubator, the project development company of Huobi Group, announced that it will partner with five blockchain companies and university institutions to establish Web3 Scholarship. It is a financing platform for developers and projects in the Web3 field. The company will allocate an initial $10 million to fund the platform, while the other partners will contribute an undisclosed amount.

Huobi believes that Web3 has the potential to transform the blockchain industry, creating a huge impact in areas such as storage, protocols, networks, applications and more. Huobi Incubator differs from traditional venture capital companies and incubators in that focuses on early stage projects and leverages its strong ecosystem of services to help fuel its growth.

Web3 Scholarship: Huobi Incubator’s funding platform

Web3 Scholarship will award funds to emerging Web3 projects. This is Huobi’s goal, to help developers and their projects grow. These projects will be advised by a post-investment team on aspects as varied as strategy development, talent recruitment and technical support.


Five companies will make up the first batch of platform partners. Each has made significant contributions to the blockchain industry, and brings valuable experience to the table. The second batch of partners will be announced in the future. These are the associated companies:

  • CoinMarketCap: is the most recognized bitcoin and other cryptocurrency price tracking website in the ecosystem. Its mission is to make cryptocurrencies globally discoverable and efficient by offering users unbiased and accurate information to draw their own conclusions.
  • Polkastarter: Platform of launchpad completely decentralized that focuses on launching new ideas in the blockchain space. With Polkastarter, cryptocurrency projects can increase their reach, grow their communities, and receive support from industry experts.
  • Poolz: is a platform launchpad cross-chain and decentralized fundraising. It is a hub for DeFi applications, allowing them to harness the power of the blockchain.
  • DAO Maker: Leading incubation, fundraising and acceleration platform, inventor of the Strong Holder Offering. It has a wide network of successfully launched projects benefiting from DAO Maker’s high-level consulting and expertise.
  • Cambridge Blockchain Society: To foster the growth of blockchain ecosystems, this organization maintains a network of students, researchers, entrepreneurs, and industry partners. In addition, it has cooperated with more than 20 university societies to form a decentralized association of institutions in Web3 and the metaverse.

This could be your chance: Huobi Incubator needs more business partners

Huobi is requesting additional partners to join the Web3 Scholarship. As part of your recruitment plan, members can join in by contributing funds and other support services. In return, they will get the following benefits:

  1. Project recommendation rights: they will have the privilege of recommending projects to the platform for priority consideration.
  2. Early access to emerging Web3 projects: Huobi Incubator will create a database of start-up projects and share the information with potential partners, as deemed appropriate. In addition, partners can participate in future mobile exhibitions and have access to early investment rounds.
  3. Shared resources: Huobi Incubator will work with partners to establish a pool of shared resources. These will include user information, developer support, media relations, and legal and compliance resources.
  4. Resources to sponsor hackatones and other events: Web3 Scholarship will sponsor hackatones organized by public blockchains and universities to help discover and fund emerging projects.

Interest in Web3 has skyrocketed over the last year and new projects are popping up left and right. We look forward to providing professional support for these fledgling projects and helping them grow their business. We hope that our funding platform can enable Web3 developments that can transform the industry.”.

Yolo Zhang, gerente senior de Huobi Incubator.

Projects interested in applying for the Web3 Scholarship platform can send an introductory email to [email protected], or participate in future events and hackatones.

About Huobi Incubator

Huobi Incubator is a professional project incubator full cycle that integrates industry research with investment funds, incubation processes and accelerators.

With a mission to accelerate the development of start-up projects across all stages and users, Huobi Incubator helps entrepreneurs overcome obstacles, achieve rapid growth, and work towards their respective visions and goals.

Learn more about Huobi on their website and social networks: Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram Y YouTube.

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