Friday, December 3

Hydrogen will demonstrate its potential at the Dakar in 2022 with this Gaussin twin-engine truck

The bad news is that the Dakar has a negative environmental impact there where their racing cars pass. The good news is that there have already been achievements to mitigate it, such as completing the tough race in an electric car. And now we have more steps in the right direction with a racing truck powered by hydrogen batteries.

402 horsepower to overcome the challenge of the desert

The truck that you can see in the image is from the French company Gaussin, which has christened it H2. In their guts there are two 300 kW electric motors providing 402 horsepower, and that they will be powered by a fuel cell capable of generating 380 kW. An extra 82 kW electric battery will cover power peaks in the desert.

The H2’s autonomy is expected to be better than that of the Acciona electric car that managed to finish the Dakar but finishing last: 250 km with a hydrogen recharge time of 20 minutes and a maximum speed of 140 km / h. The fuel cell weighs 80 kg, which is added to the rest of the truck’s total load.

Gaussin intends to power up his H2 at next year’s Dakar, which will be held around the future city of Neom and it will last 12 days. It is just an appetizer of things to come, as the Dakar organization itself has already said that it wants to restrict participating vehicles to those that are low-emission from 2030.

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