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Hyundai turns a 1986 classic into electric: a 35-year-old saloon with 2021 technology

Hyundai has presented an interesting proposal on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the Grandeur, a classic saloon that they have electrified and completely redesigned inside for the occasion. The converted model is based on the original 1986 Grandeur, an E-segment passenger car that comes back to life years later.

A classic that comes to life as an electric car

El Hyundai Grandeur It is a classic of the South Korean company, a front-engined five-seater that was born with a 2.0 four-cylinder Mitubishi engine (later six-cylinder versions were added). On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of this saloon, Hyundai has shown the world its new prototype: the Hyundai Grandeur Heritage Series.

An electric motor has been mounted on a 1986 classic, in addition to equipping it with LED optics and an interior with a touch screen

On its front they have equipped with LED headlights, rims have been renewed (although they imitate the retro aesthetics of the 80s) and the grill has been redesigned, among other elements. However, the most important point is that this Grandeur is a 100% electric vehicle. There is no news about the motorization, but it should inherit the technologies already seen in models like the IONIQ 5 or the electric Kona.

Hyundai Heritage Series Grandeur Concept


The interior is quite spectacular, with state-of-the-art screens, although recreating the seats that the vehicle originally carried. It also has an 18-speaker sound system, air conditioning system, an infotainment system and all of this, touch.

The prototype is not intended for sale, but is intended to show that electrification can reach any type of vehicle.

Just a week ago we saw a very similar concept with Ford, which revived a 1978 pickup truck with an electric motor inherited from the Mustang Match-E.

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