Monday, March 4

“I charged that question”… but finally Vox registered it in Congress

Vox deputies Juan José Aizcorbe Torra, Rocío de Meer Méndez, María Teresa López Álvarez and María de la Cabeza Ruiz Solas presented questions to Congress in July about the strike so that the Government could answer them in writing. It is a common task that all parties do. But in these questions there was something less common: they forgot to clean up and review the questions and they have left some notes in one of them.

“I DON’T UNDERSTAND [sic] THE LAST NUDE. I LOADED THIS QUESTION FOR ME”, reads the note in the margin of the second of the questions, in which the deputies refer to the reasons why “Spain does not reduce its unemployment rate to pre-pandemic levels just as they have managed to get up to two thirds of the countries belonging to the OECD”. Despite that note, which was presumably left by someone in charge of reviewing the document, those responsible have not given it a final reading before its delivery and have presented it to the Congress Table.

In the three-page brief, which the deputies delivered on July 20, they criticize the unemployment data in Spain compared to the OECD countries and raise two other questions: whether or not the Government knows the reasons why “Spain is at the head of the countries with the highest levels of unemployment in the organization” and what measures it will adopt in this regard.

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