Saturday, December 4

“I didn’t lose anything” – Rafael Portugal manages to block R$ 1.4 million from the company of “Paraó dos Bitcoins”

In a post on his Instagram account, “Porta dos Fundos” actor Rafael Portugal stated that he “has not lost anything”. Thanking the fans for their affection on their social networks, Portugal went to her Instagram account to publicly comment on her investment in the Pharaoh’s company of bitcoins.

According to recent information, the comedian invested R$1.2 million in the company that saw its leader arrested in August 2021.

In addition to Rafael, his wife Vanelli Portugal also made contributions to the business accused of operating a pyramid scheme.

Rafael Portugal says he didn’t lose anything

The comedian and actor Rafael Portugal broke the silence about his contributions to the company GAS Consultoria Bitcoin, which promised income of 10% per month based in Cabo Frio.

According to him, fans are showing affection for his situation, something he appreciates right now. However, he said he was not harmed by the company at any time, with everything on the way to resolution in the near future.

“Passing on to reassure everyone who’s texting me, thanks for the love, BOYFRIEND I didn’t LOSE, I wasn’t harmed at any time and everything will be resolved.”

GAS Consultoria Bitcoin, it is worth remembering, is prohibited from offering customers any service, after the court accepts the request of the Federal Public Ministry. In addition, the accounts of the company that bears the initials of Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, the “Pharaoh of Bitcoins”, continue with frozen accounts, which is why it interrupted the payment promised to customers.

Rafael Portugal has already got an arrest in court

Rafael’s contributions to the company suspected of being a financial pyramid were made between August 2020 and March 2021. However, GAS required, via contract, that customers leave the deposited amount within 36 months, that is, it is unclear whether he has already recovered some of his investment.

Anyway, he would have gotten in court an arrest of R$ 1.4 million in the company’s accounts, according to information from the G1. That is, it would have a value well above what was initially estimated.

The court decision would have taken place at the end of September, but it only came to light now. He also filed his suit asking for moral damages from the company.

According to information from his wife, the lawsuit was filed by the law firm that represents the family’s interests. O Livecoins he sought the comedian’s assistance for further clarification, but he did not get a return until the end of this article.

This is not GAS Consultoria’s first judicial setback in lawsuits filed by clients. In recent days, an investor in Rio de Janeiro asked for the blocking of securities at Binance and other brokers in the market.