Monday, January 24

“I gave Bitcoin to the family”, says Maurício Meirelles

Maurício Meirelles, Brazilian comedian, said this Saturday (25th) early morning that he gave Bitcoin to his family. While it’s hard to know if this is true, given its playful way this would actually make a great Christmas gift.

Meirelles has been delving into the topic lately, having held a conversation about cryptocurrencies last week. The video aired on his YouTube channel, which bears his name and has 4.1 million subscribers, on Thursday (16).

Despite that, this isn’t the first time the comedian has talked about Bitcoin publicly. In November 2020, for example, he had already made a comparison between rising beef prices in Brazil and Bitcoin, both rising compared to the Brazilian Real.

Bitcoin as a native present

With Bitcoin ending the year with an appreciation of 93% against the Real, the largest cryptocurrency in the world can be a good form of Christmas gift. After all, these bitcoins can be saved or used for shopping in the future, an increasingly common reality around the world.

As the comedian himself commented on his social networks, Meirelles gave Bitcoin to his family this Christmas. Although he didn’t reveal the values ​​or for how many people, another positive point of the BTC is that it can be divided into up to 8 decimal places, that is, it is a gift that fits in any pocket.

Furthermore, this is a great opportunity to introduce others to cryptocurrencies, allowing them to have their first contact in a practical way, without getting stuck in theory that is often more confusing than its use.

He did not explain how he actually delivered the gift to his family, whether through a physical wallet or otherwise. In any case, the situation reverberated among its 1.2 million followers on Twitter, between support and criticism of this action.

Maurício Meirelles criticized inflation in Brazil

On another occasion, at the end of last November, Meirelles posted a video called “The real Bitcoin. More than 50% profit“. Your tweet he refers, however, to the price of beef in Brazil, which increased due to inflation in the country, a phenomenon that erodes people’s purchasing power.

In fact, it was the Brazilian Real (BRL) that suffered a change in value, which, due to inflation, lost purchasing power, estimated at 10.42% according to the IPCA-15. That’s why Bitcoin is so important these days, serving as an escape from state monetary policies, which can be harmful.