Friday, July 30

‘I give you’ by Carlos Baute: “There is no perfect love, we are all defective”

Same unruly child’s face, same mischievous smile, same hair. 16 years have passed, but Carlos Baute (Caracas, 1974) is still the same guy who moved his hips like nobody else in 2005 and who drove girls, young and old, crazy. The same guy who, without losing sight of his admired Juan Luis Guerra, composes pounding hits easily and quickly. Of those that remain in the unconscious indefinitely. As it happened with I give you, one of the themes that marked his career, without needing the company of anyone, not even that of Marta Sánchez.

I give you my order, my disorder, I give you my north and my horizon, my philosophy, my stories, my memory. It is impossible to read it without humming, but from all this enumeration there was an idea that could not be absent: disorder. Why? Because in a couple you have to accept the other as he is, with his scars, his hobbies, his blemishes and his shortcomings. “There is no perfect love, it is impossible. In the end, we are all defective. Today the easiest thing is to use and throw away instead of seeing how problems are solved,” defends the Venezuelan singer and songwriter.

He confesses to admire the married couples who have been together all his life. “If he is not the right person, you do not have to force things, but love undergoes transformations: if you have children or not, if you have diseases, if there are calamities, if there are pandemics … Many things happen. That is why I think we have to work our defects, accept us, respect us, “he adds with conviction. He just passed the Covid-19 and published a new single, And I ask for your forgiveness, with Juan Magán: “I ask for forgiveness because asking for forgiveness is not bad, it’s nice, and if they give it to you, great. You don’t have to be sad to ask for forgiveness. It’s not a dramatic issue, quite the opposite.”

Neither is it I give you. A “love letter” in the form of a song that he published in 2005 and that very soon became a hit on the radio and on the tune of soap operas throughout Latin America: “It was quite a phenomenon, I barely promoted. alone, organically, it’s very cute. It was a very honest song that reflected what I was feeling at that moment… “. For this reason, he shamelessly recognizes that today he would not change anything, not a single comma of the letter, even if he dedicated it to a partner with whom he is no longer.

The song of our wedding

“It was the fastest song I’ve ever written in my life. It came out in minutes. It was twelve-something at night and I started writing it for her to listen to in the morning.” All under the watchful eye of her partner’s eight-year-old brother. “I was composing different parts with the guitar and I asked him: ‘Do you like this or this other more?’. The children are sincere, no, the following.” And, sometimes, they are also capable of detecting the perfect wedding songs better than anyone: “You can’t imagine the number of times they stop me on the street and say: ‘Carlos, can you make a video for my wife?I give you It was our wedding song! ‘ That drives me crazy, makes my soul happy and encourages me to continue composing “.

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