Monday, January 17

‘I got £2,600 in expired childcare vouchers back’-how to check if you’ve lost vouchers and reclaim them

‘It was scary that £1,000s could be wiped off the balance’

MSE Jenny, who gets her childcare vouchers from Sodexo, was stunned to realise she’d lost £1,000s of vouchers after they expired without her realising-though she was later able to get them back.

She said: “I’d amassed quite a lot of vouchers, mainly because I didn’t need to use childcare while I was on maternity leave. However, when I logged on again, I noticed that a huge chunk was missing.

“It turns out £2,652 had expired. After a phone call and email I managed to get the credit back on my account-but it was scary that thousands could be wiped off the balance without a separate notification.”

Another Sodexo customer, Emma Forster, told us that £180-worth of vouchers belonging to her expired last August.

She said that after she contacted Sodexo, the firm emailed and said it would reissue the vouchers within 10 working days. She replied and said she needed them sooner than that-Sodexo then reissued them that day.

If you’ve lost and managed to reclaim expired childcare vouchers, let us know at [email protected]