Wednesday, December 8

I got tired of plowing in the sea …

The proverbial “last nail in the coffin” to the legal services platform of our country has just been put by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) y la National Assembly of Deputies (AND) when approving in third debate the bill of Law 624 on fiscal transparency and other aromatic herbs. Attending, like a slave to his master, the demands of the European Union (EU), the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the Financial Action Task Force (Gafi) as if they had legitimacy to act in Public International Law.

The grotesque way in which the lawyers’ guilds and their just claims were ignored only demonstrates the supine ignorance and lack of bargaining power, shame and dignity of those who rule us.

Contrary to what many think – because they pay more attention to a French bureaucrat deified of the OECD and to the Europeans whose only interest is their welfare and not ours – the lawyers agreed with the aforementioned law, only that they asked that it be drafted in a way that could be fulfilled.

And it is that as the law is written, it is not possible to comply with it, Panama will continue on the lists only with 80% less of the public limited companies that the Public Registry manages. Yes, that’s how serious the matter is.

It is rare for national diplomacy to forget the words – wrongly attributed to the overrated de Gaulle – “countries have no friends, but interests.” (It was actually said by the British John Henry Temple in the 19th century). What the EU and its parasitic organisms are asking of us is not for friendship, it is because it suits them, not us.

Unfortunately, we will not leave the lists in February 2022 as the project of Law 624 it will be impossible to fulfill. It is utopian. And on that date they will already ask for what they have always looked for: Eliminate the Panamanian territorial fiscal system.

My summary:

We never use diplomacy as a weapon. The diplomatic corps exists to defend the interests of the country at all costs, not to send co-partisans in their decline or as a reward for their loyalty to the party. That the Spanish embassy has been occupied (already abandoned) by an old communist poet shows the ignorance and little value that the PRD places on the diplomatic corps. This man resigned months ago and nobody wants that embassy. A key embassy, ​​for the investments of that country in Panama, to quell the European attacks.

We never seek the support of the United States (USA). The largest donor of funds to the OECD and its parasitic organisms is the United States, our best ally in the hemisphere. One call was enough from them for the take soft with our country. Nobody could explain to Americans that destabilizing Panama’s financial center and service platform and becoming an outcast, isolating ourselves from the world, endangers our economy, being – practically – the only one that has not turned or will turn to the left in the region. Nobody explained to them that, if the attacks on our country continue, they will be a leader of the leftist National Front for the Defense of Sovereignty (Frenadeso) who – sooner rather than later – manages the Panama Canal.

We never kick the table. As if dignity and sovereignty were a sin, we have never seen the government threaten retaliation or diplomatic measures to those who walk around our country giving orders. What a shame that a French minister comes to the MEF to review documents and put “order”. We did not even ask the ambassadors of France or the EU to leave for a while. Unforgivable.

We never demanded that this be seen at the United Nations. The club of the Ocde it has no legitimacy to dictate the fiscal rules of the world. It is a group of rich countries that want to impose, passing Public International Law through their coverings, their interests over other countries. It is an economic, racist colonialism and a use of international coercion to achieve its purposes. We never demand before United Nations Organization (UN), respect for Public International Law.

We never join other countries that are in a similar situation. I do not understand why there are diplomats, if we are incapable of allying ourselves with countries that have the same interests and that are being attacked -without the aggressiveness as Panama- by the same organizations.

We have never denounced the truth. The incapacity of government officials. It’s always been easier to blame the lawyers nationalists that the manifest inability of the Panamanian state officials who, having a law to create a private registry system for beneficiaries since 2020, have not yet done anything. Having a short handle, how to eliminate the law of bearer shares in custody, they have not. The bombastic appointments of those who were to save us were in vain.

We never allowed experienced negotiators to attend to this issue. Accept that Panama In the international arena, except for the return of the Canal, it has never been effective negotiating anything. We are followers not leaders. Millions of dollars were paid to European consultants who told us what they wanted and how to do it. We never look for alternatives to their position. And those who did were branded as bad Panamanians and crooks.

Having let them trample our dignity, they will never take us seriously again. It remains, like the old warrior, to return to his farm, wait for young people to take the initiative and see how our country, which I love with a sick passion, becomes the most cowardly “Congo” in the world. EU and OECD. I hold the pen.

Thanks to Financial capital this rostrum for so many years.

Misonius Rufus

Lawyer and international analyst

The entry I got tired of plowing in the sea… was first published in – Financial News from Panama.