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I hate my job: 9 techniques to make it more bearable

We spend about a quarter of our lives at work. Often times this translates into agendas full of tasks to doquick meals between meetings and the feeling that we don’t have time to finish everything.

In these times when new technologies or stress constantly interfere with our performance, the concept of wellness in the workplace. A change of approach that in recent years has been gaining prominence and that is increasingly valued more.

According to a report of workplace wellness trends, 93% of tech industry workers admit they would stay longer at a company that offered healthier space benefits with options like wellness rooms or healthy lunch options.

How to achieve a more relaxed work environment

Because working in a comfortable and positive environment can motivate and encourage us every day to produce quality work. For this, it is important to take the necessary time to create an environment in which we feel safe, organize the work area and manage tasks correctly.

As the psychologists of ifeelthe holistic psychological support platform for companies and workers, can help us with actions such as:

1. Remember that work is for living, not the other way around: work is a very important part of our lives, but it is not the only one. We must not let it get ahead of any other aspect of our lives. It is important to learn to prioritize and establish the urgent things from those that are not. Adjusting the urgency level of each task well will allow us to carry out the work in a more relaxed way.

2. Analyze the way of working to redefine it if necessary: we must learn to readjust our way of functioning and avoid the accelerated and overloaded pace at which we usually end up. Working like this does not mean doing better.

3. Doing more tasks is not always the most important thing: what counts is that what we do is well done because what we achieve by doing it quickly is, many times, to end up with something sloppy. In addition to achieving better results, slowing down will give us greater satisfaction with the results. It was already demonstrated study published in The Economist according to which the more one works, the more productivity decreases.

4. Disconnect your work computer and mobile phone when you’re done: As we have seen, there are several ways to improve productivity and one of them is, although it seems contradictory, to put down the mobile phone and turn off the computer to give ourselves a break. Involving ourselves more time does not mean doing it better because, in the same way that our body needs to rest, so does the brain.

According to the study Digital disconnection, an essential labor right for healthfrom the Business Leadership Observatory of UPF Barcelona School of Management, one out of every two people affirms that digital connectivity shows greater commitment to the company, but does not imply greater productivity.

5. Organize the day well: planning each day is key to increasing productivity without stressing ourselves. This task will make us lose a few minutes during the day, but it will help us see the tasks in a global way and, above all, it will make it easier for us to know where to start and continue each time we finish a task.

Finding a good balance at work makes work more bearable.

6. Set a time and strictly respect it: establishing a schedule that respects our rhythm will help us generate a relaxed disposition and at the same time separate working hours from the rest of the day without the former invading the latter.

7. Take scheduled breaks and respect them: meal breaks provide a good time for us and help us improve productivity, reduce stress and make work more enjoyable. Dedicate the necessary time, without rushing, sometimes it is only a matter of a few minutes and, if we can do it accompanied, the better, so that this moment is more relaxed.

8. Keep everything in order and I clean: working in a cluttered environment can be more distracting than productive. Accumulating many objects on the desktop (both on the computer and on the table) can make it difficult for us to find what we need, such as documents or other objects related to the work we are doing.

Making homework easier will help us focus more and allow us to complete tasks more efficiently.

9. Try to work quietly: we need to monitor the level of activity and noise around us to determine whether or not we can keep our attention on the task at hand.

It is key to maintain concentration, but also to find a space that allows us to work for a long period of time. In this article we explain how a moment of silence a day can benefit you.

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